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010953.html"Hard question is not 'What is meaning of life?' That >
010710.html"There are places that are freer." by Anonymous
000141.html"When I finally broke out of that relationship, I felt>
002518.html"think" by Wizbone
000138.html... not to trust is better by Peter Fung
001087.html0n1y 7h3 1337 m4y 3n73|2 by Kade
000432.html11 Noises My Roommate Makes by Melissa DeWilde
000456.html3 Poems by Jeff Wright
000087.html30 PC Games With Goats in Them by Jester
000050.html41 Things I Learned From ID4 That I Never Knew Before >
000206.htmlA Boring Editorial by capnasty
000222.htmlA Catalog of Grocery Customer Species by Lord Lansdowne
003104.htmlA Few Good Things About Capitalism by Leo N.
000150.htmlA Free-Form Treatise on Pizza by Jester
002314.htmlA Guide to University Professor Types by Leo N.
001664.htmlA Letter to Santa by Brian Newman
001277.htmlA Man's Survival Guide to Dating by Lord Lansdowne
005682.htmlA Million Lies by David Dylan
000451.htmlA Modest Proposal by Robert
000444.htmlA Nice Pair: Two Stories from the World of Lingerie by>
002122.htmlA Race for Rats by Jakob Straub
000186.htmlA Shorter, Harsher Titanic by Eric D. Snider
002001.htmlA Summary of Attempted Dating and Associated Insanity >
002059.htmlA Sure Cure by Brian Newman
002366.htmlA Thought on the Modern Computing by Chris Cummer
000571.htmlA WASP Speaks by Cliff Yankovich
003847.htmlA dragon in Photoshop by David Dylan
000956.htmlA gift, not a right by Richard Trotter
000981.htmlA love letter to my fellow Americans by Anonymous
000126.htmlA new look at spam by Morbus
000060.htmlA strange language by capnasty
000038.htmlAD&D Monster Manual Addendum: Barney the Dinosaur by Peter Fung>
000019.htmlAOHell by Lilith DemHareIs
000250.htmlAOL by REVSCRJ
001997.htmlAbout a lucky man who made the grade by Jakob Straub
001798.htmlAh, Sweet Recognition by Livingtochill
000291.htmlAhi, Rama by Lord Lansdowne
000156.htmlAlien Resurrection by Peter Steen
009252.htmlAll the Cops Involved in the Streetcar Killing Should >
000127.htmlAlmost barred on barf by capnasty
000658.htmlAmerican Gods by Neil Gaiman by Melissa DeWilde
002762.htmlAn Argument Against the Notion of Paid Domestic Work b>
001491.htmlAn open letter to the jerk who kicked me on the subway>
000289.htmlAnal-retentive Stuck-up Pedantic Uncut Mothers by Lili>
000056.htmlAnatomy of a Bad Movie by Raymond Belair
000354.htmlAnime Sucks! by Lord Lansdowne
000079.htmlAnti-Spamming Bills introduced in Congress by Olga Alt>
001015.htmlAnti-anti-Americans by Smitty-boy
001521.htmlApostrophic Alliteration by Melissa DeWilde
004258.htmlApple Has Won: Why I No Longer Jailbreak My iPhone by >
001350.htmlAre we just nuts? by Sky
000140.htmlArranged Marriages by Dee
000148.htmlArticular Properties by Milkshake
000133.htmlAsian Flicks by IMPROV
000344.htmlAsk Alex by Jester
000450.htmlAt the Movies with CoN by Jeff Wright
000514.htmlAt the Top of Mount Mazama by REVSCRJ
000590.htmlAttack of the Groans by Leo N.
000325.htmlAustin Powers 2: The Wrath of Khan by Jeff Wright
000037.htmlBILL GATES: Politically Incorrect Things He Could Say >
000071.htmlBK WARS: Episode IV -The Restroom of Doom by Peter Fung
000359.htmlBOFH by The BOFH
000436.htmlBachelour Noodles by Lord Lansdowne
000955.htmlBad Historical Comparisons and What Iraq is really abo>
000500.htmlBagels of the Grateful by REVSCRJ
000486.htmlBah, so this is Christmas... by Tess Toth
000326.htmlBalancing on the wheel: Misadventures of a Strange Kin>
001585.htmlBanffology by Rolo
003622.htmlBankers by Tim King
003507.htmlBasil Baxter dances with the children by Basil Baxter
003406.htmlBasil Baxter goes to a concert by Basil Baxter
003547.htmlBasil Baxter goes to a movie premiere by Basil Baxter
003341.htmlBasil Baxter goes to a wedding by Basil Baxter
003373.htmlBasil Baxter pours a new driveway by Basil Baxter
003446.htmlBasil Baxter shares his toys by Basil Baxter
005481.htmlBasil Baxter writes to Santa by Basil Baxter
001668.htmlBeaten with the Measuring Stick by Lost Correspondent
000707.htmlBeing Here by Tim King
000421.htmlBeing Misquoted by Jester
000229.htmlBest Kind of Wonderful by Lilith DemHareIs
000383.htmlBetter Education Through Chemistry by Jester
000405.htmlBig Green Coffee by Jester
000169.htmlBill Gates and IE by Milkshake
000173.htmlBipoetic Senses by Christopher Stolle
000166.htmlBirthdays by Lord Lansdowne
000384.htmlBlah-biddy, Blah, Blah by Jeff Wright
002055.htmlBlasted Pussies by Jakob Straub
000131.htmlBook of Profound Things by Milkshake
010366.htmlBouncing by Lord Lansdowne
000102.htmlBras by IMPROV
000348.htmlBreaking the 1st and 2nd Rules of Fight Club by Jeff W>
001839.htmlBreakup Recovery in Six Easy Steps! by John Iadipaolo
000430.htmlBrilliant Solutions by Reverend Martinez
001064.htmlBring Out Your Dead by Lisa Stager
000097.htmlBroadcasting Verses Cybercasting by Bob Allisat
001013.htmlBureaucracy by Lilith DemHareIs
003505.htmlBy train they came by David Dylan
000180.htmlC++ is a waste of time by capnasty
001279.htmlCCD-emons by Smitty-boy
000339.htmlCYBER TALK by Samantha
000804.htmlCabbage Patch Clerk by REVSCRJ
000228.htmlCalculated Risks by Lord Lansdowne
001088.htmlCanadian Tired by Jenna
000294.htmlCannibalism, Roman Catholicism, and Mr. Potato Head by>
000370.htmlCarpe fucken' diem by Lord Lansdowne
000417.htmlCat Acne by Jester
000710.htmlCellular Immobility by Lord Lansdowne
001032.htmlCement: It Keeps You Hard by Leo N.
000137.htmlCereal Killer by Jester
000246.htmlChain letters by Marla "Ivy" Jones
002311.htmlClaim by Jakob Straub
000181.htmlClinton by IMPROV
003346.htmlCloser still by David Dylan
000425.htmlClosing Time Bloody Closing Time by Reverend Martinez
000515.htmlCoN (not) at the Movies by Jeff Wright
002273.htmlCoN - nasty at the CeBIT by Jakob Straub
000128.htmlCoN Eireann: Computers make you brain dead by capnasty
000435.htmlCoN Goes to the Movies by Jeff Wright
000455.htmlCoN Goes to the Movies by Jeff Wright
000485.htmlCoN XXX Zee Cinema by Jeff Wright
000802.htmlCoN XXX the Movies by Jeff Wright
000474.htmlCoN XXX ze Moviez by Jeff Wright
000253.htmlCoN at the Movies by Jeff Wright
000389.htmlCoN at the Movies by Jeff Wright
000460.htmlCoN at the Movies by Jeff Wright
000466.htmlCoN at the Movies by Jeff Wright
000470.htmlCoN at the Movies by Jeff Wright
000498.htmlCoN at the Movies by Jeff Wright
000553.htmlCoN at the Movies by Jeff Wright
000572.htmlCoN at the Movies by Jeff Wright
000335.htmlCoN at the movies by Jeff Wright
000343.htmlCoN at the movies by Jeff Wright
000090.htmlCoN's Con Air Review by Peter Fung
000635.htmlCoffee Dive by REVSCRJ
000030.htmlCollege Entrance Exam by Betty Kwan
001034.htmlComputer Backup by Lilith DemHareIs
000214.htmlCondoms by Lord Lansdowne
000898.htmlCorporate Colours by REVSCRJ
000411.htmlCotton Mary by Lord Lansdowne
000054.htmlCows from heaven? by capnasty
000416.htmlCrack Manual by Filibuster Jones
002277.htmlCrazy Diamonds by Frank Barbera
002120.htmlCrazy in Love by John Iadipaolo
000009.htmlCybersex by capnasty
000360.htmlDamn you by Seinrrha Iceheart
009936.htmlDas Berliner Buchstabenmuseum by Jakob Straub
001880.htmlDead American soldiers now worth $100,000 by Curtis M.>
001149.htmlDead Trees in the Dirty Ground by John Iadipaolo
000295.htmlDear Mr. xxxxx by Jay Lohner
001063.htmlDeath To Irony by Smitty-boy
000191.htmlDeath by IMPROV
000429.htmlDeath isn't funny by Edward Knoll
002276.htmlDebbie in Love by Curtis M. Carlson
000047.htmlDeceive Me by Valentino Assenza
000478.htmlDecyphering Parking Signs in Toronto by capnasty
000800.htmlDemocracy is Bad for Business by Tim King
000296.htmlDepressed people by Lord Lansdowne
010908.htmlDesigned by Designers, the Hotel That's Not a Hotel by>
000151.htmlDevils Advocate by capnasty
000824.htmlDiary of a Mad Security Guard by Lord Lansdowne
000316.htmlDie Motherfucker Die! by Pat Adams
001966.htmlDinner with Mr. Hu by Brian Newman
000301.htmlDirtyGirl on Quizmaster by Jester
002214.htmlDistinct things I remember from my childhood by Curtis>
002212.htmlDo you hear the music? by David Dylan
000077.htmlDo you really think that ICQ is better than IRC? by Em>
000313.htmlDoctor Strangework by Jester
009137.htmlDoes Anyone Actually Read ‘The Economist’? by Lord Lan>
000375.htmlDoes Someone Smell a Rat? by Mark Driver
000352.htmlDogmatic Raw by Jeff Wright
000397.htmlDomesticated by Jester
000983.htmlDon't Drive with a Broken Heart by Lilith DemHareIs
005609.htmlDon't Judge a Story by the Gender of Its Author by Ano>
003327.htmlDon't drink the water by David Dylan
002274.htmlDr. Rigs is an Asshole by Luke Correia-Damude
000605.htmlDrama is Life with all the Boring Bits Cut Out by Rich>
001280.htmlDreams by Pat Adams
000821.htmlDrive Thru Etiquette by Melissa DeWilde
000391.htmlDriving Across the United States by Lord Lansdowne
000353.htmlDrug Underdose by Jester
000286.htmlDuckism by Neux
001303.htmlDunkin' Donuts by Smitty-boy
000332.htmlE d i t o r i a l by capnasty
001164.htmlEat Healthy, Die Anyway by Smitty-boy
000091.htmlEditorial Rambling by capnasty
000482.htmlEditorial Tidbits by capnasty
000136.htmlEditorial by Leo N.
000144.htmlEditorial by Leo N.
000158.htmlEditorial by Leo N.
000212.htmlEditorial by Leo N.
000226.htmlEditorial by Leo N.
000317.htmlEditorial by Leo N.
000035.htmlEditorial by capnasty
000149.htmlEditorial by capnasty
000154.htmlEditorial by capnasty
000163.htmlEditorial by capnasty
000175.htmlEditorial by capnasty
000184.htmlEditorial by capnasty
000189.htmlEditorial by capnasty
000193.htmlEditorial by capnasty
000198.htmlEditorial by capnasty
000202.htmlEditorial by capnasty
000217.htmlEditorial by capnasty
000221.htmlEditorial by capnasty
000232.htmlEditorial by capnasty
000242.htmlEditorial by capnasty
000248.htmlEditorial by capnasty
000254.htmlEditorial by capnasty
000258.htmlEditorial by capnasty
000265.htmlEditorial by capnasty
000270.htmlEditorial by capnasty
000275.htmlEditorial by capnasty
000282.htmlEditorial by capnasty
000287.htmlEditorial by capnasty
000293.htmlEditorial by capnasty
000306.htmlEditorial by capnasty
000312.htmlEditorial by capnasty
000323.htmlEditorial by capnasty
000328.htmlEditorial by capnasty
000336.htmlEditorial by capnasty
000340.htmlEditorial by capnasty
000345.htmlEditorial by capnasty
000350.htmlEditorial by capnasty
000355.htmlEditorial by capnasty
000361.htmlEditorial by capnasty
000366.htmlEditorial by capnasty
000377.htmlEditorial by capnasty
000381.htmlEditorial by capnasty
000396.htmlEditorial by capnasty
000406.htmlEditorial by capnasty
000424.htmlEditorial by capnasty
000433.htmlEditorial by capnasty
000447.htmlEditorial by capnasty
000468.htmlEditorial by capnasty
000529.htmlEditorial by capnasty
000569.htmlEditorial by capnasty
000237.htmlEditorial letters by capnasty
000372.htmlEditorial: wondering about Internic by capnasty
000205.htmlEmilio Juarez Dies by Christopher Stolle
000059.htmlEmployment Security in the Computer Industry by Lilith>
001107.htmlEnlightenment of the Grocery Kind by Lord Lansdowne
001737.htmlEulogy to a Little Red Tercel by Leo N.
000426.htmlEuroTrash Diary by BJ Sutton
000300.htmlEveryone Loves a Dick by capnasty
010215.htmlEverything I Need to Know About Morality I Learned Fro>
001493.htmlEverything I Needed to Know in Life, I Learned From Sc>
000093.htmlEverything You Didn't Want To Know About Internet by B>
000065.htmlExplicit Language by capnasty
009124.htmlFacebook Killed the Instagram Star by Lord Lansdowne
011028.htmlFacebook Knows I Abandoned It by Lord Lansdowne
000178.htmlFallen by capnasty
000446.htmlFantasy by Rev M.
000210.htmlFear by Joe Tomorrow
000382.htmlFear by Mark Driver
000536.htmlFederal Reserve Fan-Fiction by Konrad the Bold
001264.htmlFeeling Invalidated by REVSCRJ
001165.htmlFeline in the Fields by Sean B. Palmer
001384.htmlField Report from Organic Man by Lord Lansdowne
000083.htmlFifty Movies with Goats in Them by Jester
010995.htmlFifty Shades of Hype by Lisa Stager
001228.htmlFiling down in the Black Lodge by REVSCRJ
000244.htmlFilm & TV by Jeff Wright>
000120.htmlFilm Reviews by Robert Bollig
002275.htmlFinding "The One" by Darren Tanguay
000532.htmlFish-processing in Alaska by REVSCRJ
000207.htmlFlopzilla, Godzilla by G. Summer M. Scarbough
000026.htmlFor General Distro by capnasty
002641.htmlFour ''One Hour Photo'' Questions #nsfw by Leo N.
001583.htmlFour Things to do Before Elections by Livingtochill
001123.htmlFrom Ontario to Michigan, in 50 easy steps by Alan Lup>
000439.htmlFun with Nike by Jonah Peretti
004612.htmlFutureperfect by David Dylan
000039.htmlGM Announces Airbag Contest by capnasty
000234.htmlGOD by Kunal Ganguly
000070.htmlGamesPhobia: SPECIAL by capnasty
002124.htmlGentrification by Curtis M. Carlson
000634.htmlGeorge W. Bush's 'Evil Empire' by Reverend Martinez
001492.htmlGetting Hitched by Brian Newman
000016.htmlGirlfriends by Betty Kwan
001163.htmlGirls Gone Vile by Lisa Stager
000957.htmlGiving Birth Isn't as Bad as Everyone Says It Is by Li>
000445.htmlGo Rent Some Tsui Hark Films by Jeff Wright
000388.htmlGod is in the Elevator, and He's Mad Magnolia Didn't W>
000267.htmlGod, Religion & All That Crap by IMPROV>
000208.htmlGodzilla by Mr. Cranky
000320.htmlGood Seats by Jeff Wright
000459.htmlGraduation Party by Dan Foster
000167.htmlGreek food by capnasty
000277.htmlGretchen's Rhapsody by Jester
004471.htmlGrey Street by David Dylan
000338.htmlGrimm Trickbabies: The Films of Matthew Bright by Jeff>
001185.htmlGutful Wonders by John Fenderson
000020.htmlHacker Barbie by Peter Fung
000441.htmlHappy Birthday Bonzo by Rev M.
000308.htmlHappy Easter by Samantha
000161.htmlHappy Non Denominational Holidays!! by IMPROV
000225.htmlHate me by IMPROV
001426.htmlHell Boy and its Big Let Down by Rolo
000415.htmlHelp Wanted by Lord Lansdowne
001489.htmlHey Earth! Smoking is Good for You! by Smitty-boy
000347.htmlHey Kids! Smoking is Good For You! by Jester
000063.htmlHigh School Reunion by Lord Lansdowne
010243.htmlHigh School Sucks by Lord Lansdowne
000315.htmlHigher Education (My Ass) by Lord Lansdowne
001425.htmlHistory According to Gretchen by Jester
000407.htmlHomeless by IMPROV
000028.htmlHow *NOT* To Be a Newbie by Lilith DemHareIs
000314.htmlHow May I Help You? by Samantha
000899.htmlHow To Get Rich by Brian Newman
000414.htmlHow To Insult Foreign Netizens by Lord Lansdowne
001035.htmlHow To Look Busy (And Still Do Nothing) by Lord Lansdo>
002315.htmlHow To Make a Baby by Robert Levin
000002.htmlHow To Terrorize An Ice Cream Parlor by GotW
000823.htmlHow a Good Idea Devalued us All by Tim King
000711.htmlHow do I Lose Weight? by Konrad the Bold
001016.htmlHow the UN made itself redundant and what to do about >
000273.htmlHow to Avoid Jury Duty by Brian Newman
000685.htmlHow to Drive Home Drunk by Brian Newman
000203.htmlHow to Get Rid of a Body by Lord Lansdowne
003890.htmlHow to Get That Writing Mood Going by Leo N.
001796.htmlHow to Pick Up at the Bar by Darren Tanguay
000099.htmlHow to Piss Me Off by Jennifer Nicholoff
000864.htmlHow to Write Like a Fucking Idiot by Sean B. Palmer
001795.htmlHow to make a Long Distance Relationship Work by Rolo
001352.htmlHow to reach Enlightenment by Brian Newman
001085.htmlHow to save the earth by REVSCRJ
002057.htmlHow to successfully get your DRINK ON! by Darren Tangu>
000001.htmlHow to take over the world with 10 bucks by GotW
000573.htmlHurricanes and Hand Grenades by Eric Rosenfield
000767.htmlI Copied a File by Jester
000240.htmlI Dropped My Pen...Time for a Killing Spree by Jester
001065.htmlI Earn More Money Than You, Little Boy by Lilith DemHa>
000457.htmlI Got Laid Off on Monday by Lord Lansdowne
010987.htmlI Hate My Old Car by Lord Lansdowne
001202.htmlI Hate The Man In Salesman by Richard Campbell
011935.htmlI Laid Down my First Piece of Track by Sir Chuggalot
001881.htmlI Need a Stupid Job by graham
000465.htmlI Nerdicus by Rolo
001307.htmlI Tried, Dad by Pat Adams
000027.htmlI Want Money by capnasty
000404.htmlI Want My MPFree by John Iadipaolo
001840.htmlI Wanted to be Invisible by Robert Levin
000402.htmlI Write Therefore I Am by Samantha Craggs
001332.htmlI can hear everything by Jesse Hicks
000160.htmlI have this on a poster on my wall by Tess Toth
000386.htmlI love Bell Canada by Lord Lansdowne
000255.htmlI met my father for the first time today by Tess Toth
000362.htmlI'm Somebody's Evil Twin by Jester
000410.htmlI've Been Poisoned by Samantha Craggs
000467.htmlI've Never Seen Anything Like This by Eric Rosenfield
000259.htmlIMPROV Baby! by IMPROV
000349.htmlIMPROV actually writes something! by IMPROV
000216.htmlIMPROV by IMPROV
000209.htmlIMPROV's short and sweet by IMPROV
000604.htmlIdeals Don't Pay The Bills by Lord Lansdowne
009271.htmlIf #Snowden is Lying, Why Does the US Want to Charge H>
000918.htmlIf You're Happy And You Know It, Bomb Iraq by Leo N.
000365.htmlIn Da Mu'fuckin Movie House!!!!!! by Jeff Wright
000346.htmlIn Defence of Ugliness by Roshni Bajaj
002216.htmlIn Defense of Anime and Anime Enthusiasts -- A Treatis>
000865.htmlIn Google We Lust by Leo N.
000479.htmlIn the Name of the Moon, This Show Will Punish Me by B
011114.htmlIndia, a Street Photographer's Dream by Leonard Ramos
003662.htmlInstincts by Ference Calvin
011156.htmlInternational Pillow Fight #pillowfightday by Leonard >
001424.htmlInternet Dating by John Iadipaolo
000464.htmlInternet Fascist Police by Lord Lansdowne
000431.htmlInternet Killed the Video Star by Jester
000024.htmlInternet Phone Charges by Peter Fung
000018.htmlInternex Offline by capnasty
000197.htmlIs your fly open? by William Mark
000155.htmlIsn't it Cute? by IMPROV
001187.htmlIt's 2003, Do You Know Where Your Beliefs Are? by Smit>
000200.htmlIt's a Windows World by MarXidad
001203.htmlJackie Chan made me Cry by Rolo
000122.htmlJacking in from the Slam the Spam Port by Lewis Z. Koch
000061.htmlJealousy by Adriana Scala
000080.htmlJester Ruins Scientific Progress by Jester
000284.htmlJester's Republic: Nearly Ten Minutes of Philosophical>
001127.htmlJesus Loves You, Karma Doesn't by Smitty-boy
001262.htmlJesus makes a deal with Corporate Santa by Cult Girl
000357.htmlJob Interviews by Lilith DemHareIs
000475.htmlJobs come and go by REVSCRJ
001667.htmlJoys of Retirement by Norma
000199.htmlJust One Brain Cell is All We Ask by G. Summer M. Scar>
000187.htmlJust be yourself by capnasty
000633.htmlKid's Corner: Bringing complicated issues down to a le>
000743.htmlKid's Corner: Politicians by Konrad the Bold
001229.htmlKill Bill: Volume One by Jeff Wright
005089.htmlLARP, the true story by David Dylan
000106.htmlLUV by IMPROV
000170.htmlLairotide by capnasty
000801.htmlLake Roommate by Rolo
001145.htmlLandlords by Tim King
000124.htmlLaw School Welcome by capnasty
006501.htmlLearning to Drive Standard by Le Brunette Smurfette
000452.htmlLeaving the Electronic Entertainment Expo by Lord Lans>
000356.htmlLegal Hog Calling by BJ Sutton
010023.htmlLessons Learnt from Running Google AdSense by Leo N.
004051.htmlLet There Be Aliens by Leo N.
000958.htmlLetter From a Fed Up Computer Consultant by capnasty
000825.htmlLettuce Whore by REVSCRJ
001263.htmlLie low, Fly high by N. SPed
000086.htmlLife through the eyes of IMPROV by IMPROV
000172.htmlLilith DemHareIs Takes Over The World by Lilith DemHar>
000534.htmlLivin' in by Regent Park and how to Dodge Bullets by R>
000322.htmlLiving in the Real World by Jester
011942.htmlLoneliness is Not an Old Friend by Curtis M. Carlson
001036.htmlLonging for Blueberry Hill by Lord Lansdowne
000318.htmlLooking for Replacements? by Roshni Bajaj
000380.htmlLove Cats (Inspired by a true story) by Jeff Wright
002121.htmlLove and Lust in the Age of Mechanical Introduction by>
000013.htmlMAKE MONEY FAST! by capnasty
000896.htmlMBA: A License to Steal by Tim King
002309.htmlMagick 101 by John Fenderson
000114.htmlMarketing slogans screw up by capnasty
000008.htmlMars Attacks! by Peter Sprokkelenberg
000064.htmlMarvelous: Anarchia in the Cheap Coffee Shops by capna>
000288.htmlMarx, Engels, Trotsky, and Tinky Winky by Jester
001226.htmlMatrix Convolutions: A Review by John Iadipaolo
000304.htmlMatrix by Jester
010383.htmlMay Europans Not Be That Smart by Lord Lansdowne
000401.htmlMaybe He Was Hitler in His Previous Life by Lord Lansd>
000162.htmlMcAfee-Question : Is Windows a virus? by capnasty
000481.htmlMcDonalds from a Sociological Perspective by Rolo
001735.htmlMe on Smoking by Kim
001842.htmlMe on houses... by Kim
001799.htmlMe on the Womb... by Kim
000034.htmlMen's 41 Rules for Women by Wayne William Smith
000303.htmlMen? MEN? I need no stinkin' men! by Dee
000153.htmlMichael Row by Rob Road Steamer
002313.htmlMidnight Observations of a Coffee Addict by Brian Newm>
000363.htmlMike Harris built my hotrod by Samantha Craggs
001162.htmlMister Mugs Has Been Found by Jester
003198.htmlMixing Isms by Tim King
001104.htmlMoby Dick by Rev M.
001962.htmlMoneyball by Val Dodge
000108.htmlMontreal and back: my little adventure by Leo N.
000496.htmlMore Than Meets the Eye by Dan Foster
000269.htmlMovie Recomendations by Jeff Wright
001354.htmlMovie Review: 50 First Dates by Rolo
000262.htmlMovie Suggestions by Jeff Wright
000236.htmlMovies by Jeff Wright
011215.htmlMud Hero Urban 2015 by Leonard Ramos
000744.htmlMusic by Light by REVSCRJ
000146.htmlMussolini's Tomb by Anonymous
001884.htmlMy Arranged Marriage by Brian Newman
000368.htmlMy Favourite Films Of 1999 by Jeff Wright
002310.htmlMy Friend Al by Frank Barbera
002168.htmlMy Grandmother the Nazi by Curtis M. Carlson
001736.htmlMy Medium by Brian Newman
001331.htmlMy Mother is Almost Online by Jester
000390.htmlMy New Motto by Eric Rosenfield
000100.htmlMy girlfriend is a cow by Lord Lansdowne
000327.htmlMy ramblings by Samantha
000109.htmlNOSMOKE.EXE by capnasty
000606.htmlNever Go On The Make by REVSCRJ
000378.htmlNever on Video by Jester
000369.htmlNew Year by Jester
000895.htmlNewbie Evolution by Lilith DemHareIs
000015.htmlNews Peak: Toronto cities vote to hold nonbinding refe>
000048.htmlNews bites from the Future by capnasty
001201.htmlNext stop, Crackville Central by Lord Lansdowne
000656.htmlNice Guys Finish Last by Jester
000708.htmlNights of the Living Bored by Lord Lansdowne
002000.htmlNo Good Deed by Brian Newman
000393.htmlNot Just a Client by Jester
001353.htmlNothing says "I love you" like Subway by Smitty-boy
000285.htmlON THE EVE OF THE FUTURE by Joe Tomorrow
000984.htmlObservation Deck by Hyena Roti
001334.htmlObservational Drivel on Shin Captain Tsubasa by Leo N.
000135.htmlObservations on the Box Citizen Ruth Came In by Jester
000152.htmlObsession by Anonymous
001885.htmlOdyssey of the Vault Dweller by Leo N.
001525.htmlOff Its Hinges by Lord Lansdowne
001382.htmlOld Loves Die Hard by Sky
001665.htmlOn Building Your Own Trebuchet by Rolo
001582.htmlOn Dating South Asian by Lord Lansdowne
000483.htmlOne Flush Later by Jester
000342.htmlOne Stalker's Film Festival Experience by Samantha Cra>
008113.htmlOnline Dating -- Yay or Nay? by Chandrasana Ardha
000371.htmlOuch by William Mark
000076.htmlPOEM: Alone by capnasty
000196.htmlPURSUING MOODS by Christopher Stolle
000025.htmlPaper, Prophets and Propaganda by Gard E. Abrahamsen
000011.htmlPaper, Prophets and Propaganda by capnasty
000171.htmlParents by IMPROV
006034.htmlPat the Zombie: A Cruel Adult Spoof of 'Pat the Bunny'>
005837.htmlPeak Oil is All About Peak Food Production by Tim King
002056.htmlPeep Show for the Monster by Curtis M. Carlson
000448.htmlPelicans by Rev M.
001105.htmlPeople I Dislike by Smitty-boy
001381.htmlPeople I Dislike by Smitty-boy
000324.htmlPersonal Life Management Can Lick My Nutsack by Jester
000438.htmlPhone Demons by Lord Lansdowne
012112.htmlPhotos from Milton's 57th Annual Steam Era Show by cap>
000012.htmlPick up lines by Sandra M. Pereira
000341.htmlPickles and ice cream: The Daily Journal of a Pregnasa>
000513.htmlPlants Matter by Cliff Yankovich
000182.htmlPoetry for Two Voices by Lilith DemHareIs
000194.htmlPolitical Correctness by IMPROV
000040.htmlPositive Anarchy by Lord Lansdowne
000045.htmlPossible Microsoft Releases by capnasty
000157.htmlPredictions for the future by Milkshake
000480.htmlPretty Yellow Fender Amp by Jeff Wright
000280.htmlPrince of Egypt by Jester
000129.htmlPrivacy on the Internet by Leo N.
000822.htmlProcrastination 101 by John Iadipaolo
000003.htmlProject: Build your own A-Bomb by GotW
000276.htmlPublic Washrooms by IMPROV
000959.htmlPut on an happy face by REVSCRJ
001522.htmlPutting the "Die" back in "Diet" by Smitty-boy
000085.htmlREVIEW: Can't stop the music by Jester
000511.htmlRaiders of the Golden Testicles by capnasty
000394.htmlRamblings of a Film Obsessed Retard by Jeff Wright
001184.htmlRandom Observations by Leo N.
000243.htmlRandom Reminisces of Radio and Television by Jester
000125.htmlRandom Thoughts by Leo N.
000278.htmlRandom tales from the Restrooms by Lord Lansdowne
000311.htmlRanting in my Soap-Box by IMPROV
000434.htmlRants from the waiting room by IMPROV
006231.htmlRational? I Think Not by David Dylan
000053.htmlReader's Poll by capnasty
000014.htmlReaders Letters by capnasty
000031.htmlReaders' Letters by capnasty
000044.htmlReaders' Letters by capnasty
000052.htmlReaders' Letters by capnasty
000062.htmlReaders' Letters by capnasty
000072.htmlReaders' Letters by capnasty
000075.htmlReaders' Letters by capnasty
000078.htmlReaders' Letters by capnasty
000084.htmlReaders' Letters by capnasty
000329.htmlReading the (Obscene) Handwriting on the Wall by Jester
005850.htmlReally Boring Books (You Have to Read Anyway): Dead Ai>
003903.htmlReally boring books (You have to read anyway): Anne Fr>
004185.htmlReally boring books (You have to read anyway): Communi>
003972.htmlReally boring books (You have to read anyway): Silmari>
004852.htmlReally boring books (you have to read anyway): Ayn Ran>
000440.htmlReasons Why TV Sucks, and Movie Recommendations by Jef>
000139.htmlReasons Why Your Personal Website Bites by capnasty
000298.htmlReasons to look
001014.htmlReflective Practice by Richard Trotter
000272.htmlRegular Customers by Jester
001380.htmlRelationships by Catie Darts
010331.htmlRemember the Internet? by Lord Lansdowne
000279.htmlRestroom Etiquette by capnasty
000103.htmlRevenge by Lord Lansdowne
012368.htmlReview of BenQ's treVolo S Portable Electrostatic Blue>
000017.htmlReview of Bruce Jenners Decathlon by Lord Lansdowne
000096.htmlReview: Batman & Robin by Marco Tabini
003269.htmlReview: Inglorious Basterds by Le Brunette Smurfette
001304.htmlRevisionist History by Tim King
000554.htmlRide the Reverend by REVSCRJ
001838.htmlRobin Hood House: A Story of Vern by Curtis M. Carlson
002312.htmlRobin Hood House: The Hobe by Curtis M. Carlson
000387.htmlRock is Dead by John Iadipaolo
000453.htmlRolo 1:1 by Rolo
001305.htmlRolo 1:2 by Rolo
000399.htmlRomance by IMPROV
000379.htmlRoommates: Identifying the Species by Mark Driver
000032.htmlRough day at no frills by Lord Lansdowne
002123.htmlRuining Boba Fett 2 by Jester
000409.htmlRuining Boba Fett by Jester
002213.htmlSAVE FRANCES BEAN! by Jakob Straub
002167.htmlSanta's Answering Service by Brian Newman
000449.htmlSatellite Dementia by REVSCRJ
000241.htmlSchool by Jeff Wright
002165.htmlSearching For Clues by Sharon Cochrane
000552.htmlSearching For Small by Cliff Yankovich
000398.htmlSearching for Rikki Rockett by Samantha Craggs
000463.htmlSepia photos on Cannery Row by REVSCRJ
001146.htmlSex and the Condom by Leo N.
001490.htmlSex by Robert Levin
000376.htmlSex is not What Everyone Brags About by Luke De Sade
000251.htmlSexual Orientations by capnasty
000337.htmlSexually Transmitted Poison Ivy, Uncle Dale's Travelli>
000403.htmlShaft One Bad Mother...(shut your mouth)ing Movie by J>
000408.htmlShite, Shite, Shite!!! Psuedo Reviews by Jeff Wright
000256.htmlShort Clip Scripts by The Screaming Clown
001999.htmlShortcomings by Curtis M. Carlson
001183.htmlShow Me Your Nu-cu-lers and I'll Show You Mine by Lisa>
004764.htmlSidewalk Rider by Leo N.
001423.htmlSkid Marks Not Included by Leo N.
000177.htmlSlack, the final frontier..... by Hedkrash
000980.htmlSmart Guys Let Girls Buy Their Own Drinks by John Iadi>
000770.htmlSmoke and Mirrors' by Neil Gaiman by Melissa DeWilde
000367.htmlSmoking Can Kill You by Samantha Craggs
001333.htmlSo You Want to Go and Teach in Japan by Jasna M.
000033.htmlSocialism & Communism by Robert Malecki>
000462.htmlSocio-Political Themes in The Smurfs by Jonathon Marc >
003930.htmlSomething important: The Internet, a rant by David Dyl>
000252.htmlSpeaking of pounding ass, here comes Stan's little hom>
000305.htmlSqueals on Wheels by Lord Lansdowne
000331.htmlSquishy, Bunchy, and Having the Time of Their Lives by>
000264.htmlStar Trek: Insurrection by Jester
010639.htmlStop Calling Yourself an Evangelist by Lord Lansdowne
001230.htmlStory Time II by Smitty-boy
001265.htmlStory Time III by Smitty-boy
001586.htmlStory Time IV by Smitty-boy
001204.htmlStory Time by Smitty-boy
000119.htmlStreet Guy by IMPROV
000428.htmlStress, diarrhoea and other stuff you shouldn't read a>
000319.htmlStriped stockings saved my life! by Nicci
000364.htmlStuck on North Campus by Kalman M. Nanes
000310.htmlStupid Society by Jay Lohner
000934.htmlStupid Things to Say to the Broken Hearted by Jester
000309.htmlStupidity = Funidity by Jeff Wright
000051.htmlSun Dance by capnasty
001200.htmlSupermarket Bitch by John Fenderson
000803.htmlSupport Safe Mosh Pits by John Iadipaolo
000921.htmlSurf Director by REVSCRJ
002163.htmlSurfing in Berlin by Jakob Straub
005781.htmlSustainable Anything? by Tim King
009405.htmlSyria: #WTF? by Lord Lansdowne
000168.htmlTEMPO FOR TEARS (IN STEREO) by Christopher Stolle
000290.htmlTHE KINGDOM by Jeff Wright
000437.htmlTHE WAR ON DRUGS by Edward Knoll
000657.htmlTainted by Jakob Straub
001126.htmlTaking a (hippie) dive by REVSCRJ
001733.htmlTao Shielding by Jester
000245.htmlTelevision by Lord Lansdowne
008900.htmlTen Bands You Shouldn't Be Listening To by David Dylan
007423.htmlTen Things That Irk Me by David Dylan
008594.htmlTen Things You Are Not Entitled To by David Dylan
008703.htmlTen Things You Should Be Told by David Dylan
000005.htmlTen Video Game Marketer's Golden Rules by Marco Tabini
000238.htmlThe "Cram-ation" by Peter Sprokkelenberg
000230.htmlThe "EX" by Tess Toth
000074.htmlThe 5th Element (The Negative Review) by Lord Lansdowne
000073.htmlThe 5th Element (The Positive Review) by Sandra M. Per>
001186.htmlThe Aftermath by Rolo
001330.htmlThe Art of Picking Up by Sky
000392.htmlThe Artistes vs. The Nice Guys by Samantha Craggs
000422.htmlThe Bastard Assistant Editor From Hell by Lord Lansdow>
000218.htmlThe Best Jobs by Lilith DemHareIs
000373.htmlThe Car Alarm by Jester
000111.htmlThe CoN Movie Review: Contact by Peter Fung
000121.htmlThe CoN movie review: SPAWN by Jester
000427.htmlThe Color of Culture by Kunal Ganguly
000231.htmlThe Conspiracy Behind Girlfriends by IMPROV
001033.htmlThe Disease by REVSCRJ
000081.htmlThe Duck World by Lord Lansdowne
000010.htmlThe Electronic Media Competition by capnasty
000497.htmlThe End of My First Cyberlove by Cliff Yankovich
000159.htmlThe Events of '97 by capnasty
000281.htmlThe Golden Globes (and who's going to Hell follow-up) >
000204.htmlThe Gospel According to Some Guy I Met on the Bus by J>
000591.htmlThe Half-Life of Lying: A Protest by Jester
001148.htmlThe Hard Sell of Low Tactics by REVSCRJ
000420.htmlThe Home Hardware Avenger by Lord Lansdowne
000768.htmlThe Human Dishwasher by REVSCRJ
000292.htmlThe Inevitable Boss by Luke De Sade
000213.htmlThe Infamous Condom Incident by Jester
000442.htmlThe Journal of a Smell by Melissa DeWilde
000709.htmlThe Joy of Fanatical Canvassing by REVSCRJ
001253.htmlThe KIFF Project: a flame war, remembered by capnasty
000192.htmlThe Last Dinosaur by Kenn Begg
010450.htmlThe Last Thing I Will Think About Moments Before I Die>
001124.htmlThe League of Flatulent Gentlemen by Cult Girl
000351.htmlThe Least Powerful People in Hollywood by IMPROV
000866.htmlThe Little Mouth of Horrors by REVSCRJ
000082.htmlThe Lost World: Jurassic Park by IMPROV
000473.htmlThe Man They Couldn't Hang by Jester
000769.htmlThe Man Who Never Was by Leo N.
000283.htmlThe Meaning of Life by Lilith DemHareIs
000631.htmlThe Measure of a Man (Or, Clamp my Nipples) by Lord La>
000183.htmlThe Millennium 'Experience' by Milkshake
001278.htmlThe Misadventure of Hope by Rolo
000495.htmlThe Mustard that is Siblings by Leo N.
000067.htmlThe Naked Man by John Gardiner
000023.htmlThe Names of our Institutions by capnasty
002367.htmlThe Nature of Love by John Iadipaolo
000682.htmlThe Newly Employed Security Guard by Lord Lansdowne
010212.htmlThe Old Lady at the Grocery Store by Leo N.
002375.htmlThe One Good Thing About the Earthquake in China by Lo>
000321.htmlThe Phantom Menace (SPOILERS) by William Denton
000472.htmlThe Phone Rang by capnasty
010909.htmlThe Photography of Leonard Ramos by Leo N.
000219.htmlThe Porn Store Employee FAQ file by Mascalin
000746.htmlThe Poverty Game by Asweepa
000603.htmlThe Revival of a Nation by Konrad the Bold
001166.htmlThe Rise and Fall of the Houseman by REVSCRJ
000263.htmlThe Search for Mr. Muggs by Jester
004986.htmlThe Secretclub: A quirky and fun way to meet new peopl>
000512.htmlThe Silence of the Gs by Peter Steen
001084.htmlThe Sociology of the Breakup by Rolo
001276.htmlThe Space Between by Tim King
000195.htmlThe Spice Girls are Brilliant by Jester
001523.htmlThe Split by Brian Newman
000211.htmlThe Stench- by REVSCRJ
001963.htmlThe Story of Geoffrey by Curtis M. Carlson
000917.htmlThe Thankless Job of World Domination by Lilith DemHar>
000684.htmlThe Thunderthief by Sean B. Palmer
000423.htmlThe Toronto International Film Festival Report by Jeff>
000215.htmlThe Touch of a Master by Lilith DemHareIs
000461.htmlThe Trilogy of Cattle by Lord Lansdowne
000484.htmlThe Unisex Bathroom by Kelly Jones
001306.htmlThe University Experience by Lord Lansdowne
000745.htmlThe Unknown Reader by Jakob Straub
001584.htmlThe Vampire-Loser by David Dylan
000307.htmlThe War Against Stupidity by Jester
000683.htmlThe Windows of Apathy by REVSCRJ
000395.htmlThe Wired World by Lord Lansdowne
001883.htmlThe World We Live In by Darren Tanguay
001147.htmlThe article that is so totally awesome by Smitty-boy
000920.htmlThe dangers of poorly trained humans by Tim King
000418.htmlThe fun and joy of cultural diversity by Lord Lansdowne
000982.htmlThe girl who cried Webmaster by Joey deVilla
001062.htmlThe joys of Commercial Transport by Tim King
000570.htmlThe last (half) straw by REVSCRJ
000004.htmlThere's A Hole in the Space/Time Continuum by Jester
004337.htmlThey Named Her The Pure by David Dylan
001102.htmlThings I learned at Work Today by capnasty
001061.htmlThings I learned from watching Irreversible by Rolo
005688.htmlThings My Father Should Have Told Me As A Child by Dav>
005694.htmlThings Your Mother Should Have Told You As A Child by >
000247.htmlThis issue, at the movies... by Jeff Wright
000400.htmlThis, That, Your Momma's Fat: Pseudo Movie Reviews by >
000179.htmlTitanic and letters by capnasty
000176.htmlTitanic by IMPROV
001422.htmlTo Be a Conformist, or To Be a Conformist? by Catie Da>
000058.htmlTop 10 Best (Worst) Ways to Kill Wesley Crusher by cap>
000174.htmlTop 10 Cartoon Drug Users by JP Gionet
000299.htmlTop 10 Reasons Men Are Scum by Samantha
000260.htmlTop 10 things about e-mail, that suck (in no particula>
000029.htmlTop Five Extremely Rude Things Heard In Star Wars by J>
000007.htmlTop Ten Star Trek Episodes With Vile Q Puns Just Waiti>
000165.htmlTop Ten Things That Suck About Turning 22 in 1998 by I>
010703.htmlToronto's Fan Expo Canada by Leo N.
000055.htmlTransit Tales by Lord Lansdowne
010667.htmlTransportation at a Steal by Lisa Stager
000555.htmlTroublemakers' by Harlan Ellison by Melissa DeWilde
011956.htmlTroublesome Trucks by Sir Chuggalot
000239.htmlTurkey Toss by IMPROV
002307.htmlTurkish Love Story by Anonymous
007509.htmlTutorial: Street Art Header by David Dylan
003443.htmlTwister by David Dylan
000458.htmlTwo and a half days of Greyhound by Richard Campbell
008242.htmlUbuntu 12.10 Quantal “What the Fuck” Quetzal by Lord L>
012209.htmlUbuntu 17.10 Artful "What the Fuck" Aardvark by Lord L>
000302.htmlUgly Breasts by IMPROV
001086.htmlUnderstanding the AOL Jargon by Smitty-boy
000266.htmlUniforms by Jester
000185.htmlUnsubtle Ads by Lilith DemHareIs
003173.htmlUntimely by David Dylan
000224.htmlUrine Smell: Tales Of Public Transit by Jeff Wright
000261.htmlUseless Shit on the Internet by Lord Lansdowne
000333.htmlVandalism by the Book by Jester
000469.htmlVera by Konrad the Bold
000115.htmlVoice mail hell by capnasty
000132.htmlVoting by William
000443.htmlWaited tables in a deli/restaurant by REVSCRJ
001998.htmlWaiting for Justice by Sharon Cochrane
000419.htmlWe All Drown in a Russian Submarine by Jester
000164.htmlWeird Sex Laws by capnasty
000006.htmlWelcome Back by capnasty
000334.htmlWelcome to College by Lord Lansdowne
000134.htmlWhat I understood of an Indian movie by Lord Lansdowne
000046.htmlWhat happened to the ARPANET? by capnasty
004467.htmlWhat people really use the iPad for by capnasty
000531.htmlWhat the Media Aren't Telling You about the War on Ter>
000935.htmlWhat we are by Tim King
000374.htmlWhat's Worse Than Eating A Shit Sandwich? by Jeff Wrig>
000660.htmlWhen Community Coffee Turns Corporate by REVSCRJ
000297.htmlWhen things are going just
000655.htmlWhere Are We Going and Why Are We in This Handbasket? >
000089.htmlWhere We Really Stand by Lilith DemHareIs
000867.htmlWho Shot John F. Kennedy? by Brian Newman
000358.htmlWho did you talk to? by Cult Hero
001351.htmlWho's your daddy? Gojira! by Rolo
000220.htmlWhooosh by REVSCRJ
000227.htmlWhy Guys Don't Call... by Dee
004487.htmlWhy I Do Not Vote by David Dylan
000766.htmlWhy I Hate Computers by John Iadipaolo
007172.htmlWhy I Married a Geek by Le Brunette Smurfette
006654.htmlWhy I do not occupy Wall Street by David Dylan
001383.htmlWhy I hate being Fifteen by Sarah McCulloch
001106.htmlWhy I hate being Fourteen by Sarah McCulloch
001965.htmlWhy I hate being Sixteen by Sarah McCulloch
001734.htmlWhy They Don't Call by REVSCRJ
002308.htmlWhy We Watch Windows by Jakob Straub
001524.htmlWhy the Internet Sucks by Lost Correspondent
002368.htmlWhy there will never be a Web 3.0 by Collin Douma
000113.htmlWhy women are always late by Lord Lansdowne
000471.htmlWinXP by Konrad the Bold
000551.htmlWinamp's Third Party Skins by Lord Lansdowne
000021.htmlWired Women on the Bus by Lord Lansdowne
011530.htmlWomen vs. “Roosh V.” by Leonard Ramos
003384.htmlWork night by David Dylan
000454.htmlWorked in a Photomat by REVSCRJ
000274.htmlWorking at the Mall by Lord Lansdowne
000249.htmlWould You Date Yourself If You Were Gay? by Jester
011713.htmlWow, Episode 7 Didn't Suck That Much by Lord Lansdowne
000412.htmlWriting About Writing, Which I Never Do by Jester
000036.htmlWriting an e-zine by capnasty
000686.htmlWritings on the Bathroom Wall by capnasty
000271.htmlY1.999K Problems by Lilith DemHareIs
010430.htmlYo Gabba Gabba: DJ Lance Rock as God by Lord Lansdowne
000897.htmlYou Asked, We Answer by Leo N.
004291.htmlYou Can Call That Love by David Dylan
001227.htmlYou Know You're Getting Old When by Leo N.
000330.htmlYou don't eat, or sleep, or mow the lawn... Just you k>
010596.htmlYou're Going to be a Dad Soon by Leo N.
000233.htmlYou're a FUNNY GUY, Now Shut the Fuck Up Part II by Je>
000632.htmlYou're a FUNNY GUY, Now Shut the Fuck Up Part III by J>
000223.htmlYou're a FUNNY GUY, Now Shut the Fuck Up by Jester
000188.htmlYour Ex-Girlfriend: A Survival Guide by Lord Lansdowne
000190.htmlYour Life is Void by Morbus
010207.htmlYour University Sucks by Lord Lansdowne
001125.htmlZen and the Complete Confusion of Modern Car Maintenan>
000937.htmlal-Qaidaville by Peter Steen
001841.htmldear grandpa by graham
002370.htmlfacebook by Leo N.
000257.htmllove and work by Peter McNeice
000095.htmlno frills at the end of the Universe by Lord Lansdowne
000235.htmlno frills of our lives - 2 by Lord Lansdowne
002215.htmlpeople suck by graham
002058.htmlpill pop culture by graham
002166.htmlprop master to the stars by graham
000143.htmlten things to do with half a wheel-trim by Milkshake
001797.htmlthe lonely planet twenty questions by graham
001964.htmlthe meaning of life... by graham
000413.htmlvon Trier Again by Jeff Wright
000142.htmlwhy icq is the devil by Morbus
000919.html{ } by Melissa DeWilde