Written by capnasty

WE WERE WALKING out of the movie theatre; my girlfriend was still drying her tears from Titanic. Suddenly, she squeezed my hand, and said "Oh Leo! I can't wait to grow old with you, sit by the veranda and talk about today!".I couldn't help it but scream in horror.

So, did I like Titanic? Yes and no. Although I found myself travelling down to the little boyz room 3 times in a row, I was mesmerized by some parts of the movie, showing an incredible amount of love. I don't mean just Rose (Kate) and Jack (Leonardo). But a love for a ship by a captain and the engineer that designed her. A love for music by the four musicians (forging that unforgettable line "Gentlemen, it has been a pleasure playing with you on this ship" as the water is quickly reaching up to them).

Unfortunately I also felt like I was watching something like those movies that were very popular back in the 80s, like "Earthquake!" where we have to watch an endless amount of people die the most tragic deaths ever. That took away too much precious time from actual character development. Take Fabrizio for example, the Italian sidekick of Jack. We meet him when they play cards, he swears. They are on the boat during the 3rd class party, and we see Fabrizio dance. Then we see Fabrizio swear at the officer who shoots the Irish boy. Then Fabrizio dies. Less than 10 minutes of Fabrizio in a 3 hour 15 minutes ordeal. I guess this was something that could not be prevented, unless we intended staying at the movie theatre for 5 hours.

WELCOME to Issue 9 of Capital of Nasty. Many letters arrived after our last issue. Some were comments and suggestions on how to improve the `zine. Others were complains about how the issue looked. Unfortunately they're right: I was sleeping while sending CoN and I forgot to check how it would've looked once received. This is a mistake you'd think I would've done back in the early days, not after three volumes. Ahw, well, don't sleep and zine I guess...

The first e-mail I got was from Frank O'Donnell, an unfortunate man who couldn't unsubscribe himself due to reasons we will soon learn. He wrote to us in a rather "someone-pissed-in-my-corn-flakes" mood because the script would not recognize him. After removing him manually I pointed out that he had subscribed as "frank@..." and not as "Frank@..." making the script think he was a different user trying to remove someone else.

I guess the "Big Brother" aspect is what got to me, but I guess I shouldbe encouraged by a computer that doesn't recognize that "frank@" might bethe same as "Frank@"...

Frank proves us here that he has very little knowledge about computers.He also explains why he unsubscribed from CoN:

After reading your publication a couple of times, I realized that itwasn't something I wanted to continue to receive... No big deal... Somepeople like TIME, others prefer NEWSWEEK...

TIME and NEWSWEEK also come for free in your mailbox, have a budget of about 60 bucks a year and have a staff of 10 people who work regular jobs to pay their bills.

Brian Newman finally died in peace:

Dear Folks: At last, a Spice Girls mention. Now I can die in peace.This has been a rough year. At Christmas I went to Santa and Iasked him for one of the Spice Girls. Scary, Posh or evenGinger. Ol Santa must be hard of hearing, as all I gotwas Old Spice. Brian

Jennifer NicholoffOh, my.

Well, I for one was entranced with and enlightened by Jason MacIsaac'sinsightful translation of the lyrics of "Wannabe." As I read, I foundmyself nodding my head and saying, "yes, that's right, that's exactlyright!"

I was one of those who thought the Spice Girls were just a bunch oftalentless fashion victims. Now I know that they have the razor sharp edgeof social justice on their side! I will spread the word! I will post thisimportant essay on my homepage! (If that's OK with Mr. MacIsaac...) Iwill buy the Spice Girls CD and listen carefully for the messages in theirlyrics! And I will never take girl groups for granted again!

On another note, people who complain about the length of reading materialof any sort are beyond me. It seems that these people who complain aresome of the very ones who surf the Internet all day, reading one thingafter another, but they can't take it in big chunks. I wonder if it isbecause of aesthetics or intellect? No matter. I have no problem with it.

So, my question to the readership is... how many people have actually readthe whole thing? I'm curious to find out.

I was one of them. I never leave content unread if I don't have to. If Idon't have time to read your posts at work, I print them and take themhome.

Have a good one,

JenniferNot just J

In regards of my bitching about people's inability to unsubscribe, Arno van Boven has something to say:

quick note: regular maillinglist users will probably a bit confusedhaving to use 'leave' instead of 'unsubscribe'
Though it may be in the spirit of your letter, I would suggest youchange it back to unsubscribe. Besides, unsubscribing andsubscribing are probably the hardest things to do by email,aren't they? Most of the time, you wonder if people can actuallyread. And when they can't, how can you mock them by email? And howdid they end up *on* the list in the first place? Oh, the sad fate of the educated..they are not startled by the inexplicablenature of their surroundings, no, they by nature surroundthemselves with the inexplicable..

THE LAST DINOSAUR? - And for those wondering how many people read the entire article of "The Last Dinosaur", you'll be surprised to know that only fourteen people, out of over 900 subscribed users, got to the end of it.

This marks the end. Hope you like it.