CoN's Con Air Review

Written by Peter Fung

The movie CoN Air.. I mean CON Air! It was a good movie. Decent acting on the part of Nicholas Cage and special mention for Steve Buscemi. It is definitely a gazillion times better than, "Can't stop the music." You will leave the theater knowing how the world works: There IS a God. Only cops and crooks die. If you're the hero, bullets miss you, or graze you and you don't feel it 'till later. The family unit is important. Civilians don't die even if a transport plane crash lands through:

A) a busy main street full of people;
B) several buildings apparently full of people;
C) a casino full of people.

Oh yes, if someone asks you to put the bunny back in the box, you'd better listen or else!

The story...a decorated soldier returning home to his wife, accidentally kills a drunken fart in self defense during a brawl and is sent to the big house for several years. Several years later, our hero is a free man, coming home to see his little girl on a plane happening to be transporting dangerous convicts. He should've chose the bus! The plane is then conveniently hijacked, and it's up to the hero to save hostages and prevent the plane from being blown up by a gung-ho law enforcement officer sore about getting his car trashed and see his loved ones within the time span of 1hr 23mins (not including all preview trailers, and that stupid in-theater trivia contest before the movie).

Action: Lots of guns! Guns Guns Guns!
Effects: Definitely NOT Star Wars of the 90's but decent.
Memorable scenes: Steve Buscemi, as the mass murderer Garven Greene
Memorable song: "He's got the whole world in his hands."