Lilith DemHareIs Takes Over The World

Written by Lilith DemHareIs

Jobs. They often suck. But jobs are necessary. It's how we pay the rent/mortgage/bail. But once in a while, there comes along a chance to *not* work. Good thing. Jobs often interfere with Life, by not giving you enough time to do what's really important...

Like take over the world.

I am now happily unemployed. By virtue of being a Kept Woman, I was able to quit my job, and focus on the important stuff of taking over the world.

It is too late to affect this current generation (often called Generation X, the missing generation, the lost generation, etc.).They have already been ruined, and there is no hope of redeeming them. But the next generation, and unnamed generation, is young and ready to be molded by the power-hungry megalomaniacs of today.

You wanna change the world? You change the children of today. Being directly after Generation X, these young squirts have the "advantage” of seeing our hopelessness, and, in turn, they yearn for a brighter future. Since they don't know what "brighter" is supposed to be like(thanks to the materialistic 80's and disillusioned yet earth-friendly90's), we can mold these young minds to our purposes. Just as the Depression/War era generation spawned the ignorant yet financially secure 50's, thus can we do the same with the next Millennium.

What do we want the world to be like? We must firmly fix our vision of the future. We must know *exactly* what we want. Do we know what we want? If we do, then we mold children to those ideals.

Sure, we could change ourselves. But we are only one person. We’ll affect x many people by our changes. But if we change the life of just one child, then our influence doubles. Two children, and it triples. The more children we affect, the greater our influence over the world.

Religion is the future of the world. I know, I know, many people will disagree with me, but only on the basis of their own aversion to religion. That is their problem. And it will continue to be their problem, for religion is increasing at a phenomenal rate. (Did you know that one of the major world religion's has *doubled* their membership in the past three years?) As the world moves towards a sense of hopelessness, many people will turn to religion to give them answers. And while many religions lack all the answers (and a small handful *do* have ALL the answers), they will still turn there, because it gives them a sense of hope.

Religion is power. Most people don't realize the power religion brings. Shame. They could have more control over the world if they did.

So, raise those children in religion. Show them the power it gives them, then teach them what you want them to do. Then set them loose on the world. Some people will recognize the religion in these [not so]young ones, and gravitate towards them. Others will sense the power. And yet others, being weak-minded, will be bent to the will of these, your children, and--ultimately--to yours.

Empowerment is the secret to molding the children. When they are really young, they will learn that you have the power. But as they get older, give them responsibility, and show them that they, too, have power. They can win friends and influence people. They can become leaders at school and in organizations. And as you train them in strength, remind them of the Greater Good of the World, which is what you all are working towards.

I have no job. I have the time and opportunity to spend taking over the world. I have volunteered at a local school, to work with children each week. I have thirty children I get to influence. At church, I have been given eighty. That's over a hundred children I get to influence.

Now, a hundred may not seem like a drop in the bucket compared to6 billion...

But give me time...