A dragon in Photoshop

Written by David Dylan

I play Dungeons & Dragons. I admit it. I love it. Besides; it was my love of games and my interaction with the game's inventor (Gary Gygax, RIP old bear), whom I was proud to call a friend for a while, that made me go into multi-media.This week (and the week before, and the week before...) my group couldn't get together. So, instead I played with Photoshop.The result is rather D&D-ish... but I like it.This tutorial presumes you know your way around Photoshop a bit. To keep it short, I'm skipping stuff like "click here and then click there", but most of it is pretty self-explanatory.You will also need the "Bob Ross" brush set, which you can get here. (registration required)This tutorial assumes you use a drawing tablet. WACOM does the best ones, but I use a cheapo Trust tablet I bought on sale for about $ 20,- and it performs just fine.