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A. I give up !!!! Microsoft all is forgiven

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From: David Welton
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5. I give up !!!! Microsoft all is forgiven
From: "Stephanie Foster"
Subject: I give up !!!! Microsoft all is forgiven
Date sent: Mon, 17 Mar 1997 23:11:47 GMT
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Despite all the man pages and pppd chat and uncle tom cobley andDespite everyone giving me script etc etc mylinux system staunchly refuses to talk to the internet

No, it will talk to the internet just fine. You are just not able toconfigure it correctly. It seems you maybe don't understand how thevarious programs interact to connect you to the net. It's true that linuxisn't for everyone - it requires lots of reading and thinking, and messingwith.

say what you like about Microsoft but IT WORKS !

No, it *does not* work:-) In a year of linux use, I have *never* crashed it. Not once. This is how an operating system ought to work. A complete contrast to the all too frequent "blue screen of death" seen with windoze. Not to mention other brilliant M$ ideas like 'cooperative multitasking' (the idea that if everyone just writes perfect code, it will all work nicely together), as opposed to true multitasking in unix. How many hours of uptime have you ever had with windoze? There are plenty of examples of linux boxes with uptimes of 120+ days, and usually these were restarted to perform some upgrade.

So, please don't confuse 'easy to use' (mac really has the advantage here though) with 'works'.

Linux just went in the bin !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your loss, although not in a monetary sense, as it is a completely free operating system. No loss to us linuxistas either, as we are by and large in it for the love of a good thing, rather than to get rich like BG and co.

David Welton
Se quest'email e` in Italiano, mi dispiace per gli errori:-) FORZA PANTANI!