Written by capnasty

Welcome to Issue 3 of CoN. If you are wondering why the long delay, you have no one else but me to blame. While this issue was ready to go last Monday, I was incredibly tired from the College/Work combination. The only priority I had in mind once I got home was to put my face on the pillow.

College has proved to be quite the opposite of the challenge I was expecting. In one class we had a three hour lecture on printers. We learned that printers are devices that when hooked to a computer, print. Or that hard drives store data magnetically and should not be kicked. That scanners scan. That telnet is like DOS but different.

In our software class, the highlight of the first week was how to make folders and rename them on our Macs.

English is always a surprise. One day is a 3 hour long video on everything you never cared to know about our province. The next may be some story about Freud. A three hour lecture on Freud done with a German accent.

And of course, assignments. You can't go wrong here (unless you are in the graphic design class, where if you are a dot too much to the left, you'll get a lecture on how to respect positive-negative space), in fact if you miss to talk completely on the subject assigned, you are bound to get a B+.

I digress. In the mean time, college coffee has become my best friend.

NativeOfSF writes:

Hot puppies & also yippie!!!
Ah gottz mah furst one!!! Hot damn...eye's a-rare'in 2 down-loaddat file & guezz whatz??? No file attached. Nope. Zero. Nada. Nocontentz!!! X-cept'z itz got notin 2 download. Ken U-all fix it????
I really, really need that download...please.
Keep up dis coolness!!!
I'm about 6'6^', over 100 kilos++ & eye know how 2 run withscissors & other stuff...please.

Okay. For any other AOL user out there that is having problems receiving the issues of CoN, be advised of the following: AOL's mailer has a whole set of weird and absurd filters, some of which do not allow attachments of a certain size to be received. If you receive the headers but not the content and you are an AOL user, you'll have to change the settings so that you can receive large attachments. It's not our fault, please do not write to complain to us.

THE RESTROOM ETIQUETTE article got quite a few responses. The first is from Gregoire Seither:

On top of an overall excellent issue, this is the cherry ! Sotrue ! It made me laugh out loud as I was reading it, making myco-designers think I am some kind of weirdo (since I am supposedto be doing this plumbing catalogue with lots of tables inQXpress - and who would laugh while doing that...)

Crystal proves to us that if you are a woman who likes to pee standing up, the test might not be so hard:

just a quick comment for ya, i was a bit surprised that,being female, i actually answered all the urinal questionsCORRECTLY... hmmm...

I'll leave you with a site suggested by one of our readers, Quonie:

www.lateboomer.com---this site has music and lyrics of apolitical nature that are both humorous and scathing.

Next issue of CoN will be about horses water skiing -- no hands -- on lakes of 100% pure margarine. They use their trunks to hold onto the line. Or something.

Have a great issue.