Mars Attacks!

Written by Peter Sprokkelenberg


That exactly what this movie is, a classic demonstration of Tim Burtons expertise. He is a genius.

All the main actors (except for Tom Jones -damn!) get blown away. Some of it is a bit sappy...but hey the effects are great.

The funny thing is that this movie doesn't take itself seriously... unlike INDEPENDENCE DAY. Which if it did, could mean the end of humour.

The plot line is a bit weak... not very but a little. A few inconsistency through out but I leave those for you to find.

The only way I found myself thing about any movie, in particular the ones that have been made within the last year or two, was to see them a couple of times, each time looking at it from a different perspective.

All in all I found this movie a great combination of old written sci-fi and new animation.

Definitely a must see!