In Defense of Anime and Anime Enthusiasts -- A Treatise

Written by Anime Super Star


alot of bad things have been say about annie may in teh artical by Lord Lansdowne caled ANNIE MAY SUCKS!,. this is not fare and this is not write. evan worse is teh posts in teh annie may sucks forium, witch tottally flame annie may. the peopl;e taht wrote teh state ments are loosers who obiously have no leif. in this artical, i will proof annie may is teh suparior from of anniemaytion, taht fans of annie may, or oatakus, r not all obbssessed loosers with no life, contrarry 2 what some have siad.

Cultural Perceptions and Attitudes

in aMARICA TEH PERcepions of comiocs nad annie maytion is teht they r 4 chlidren. not so in jaopan. japan, where everuything is bettar, accept for teh pokermmon, which is teh sux. it is not uncoimon 2 C eldarly reeding japneses comics, or mango. in japan tehy r ussed to comiocs and traet them moore seriuos. whiuch is why teh countary is moore comfortible with annie maytion. their r mangos for evary age levell.

many ppl dont' realize taht many contries outseide of amarica who arent; amarican have a long tardition of comics and annie may and uses them for more "adault" porposes. in china, mao zaytung leiked toi issue porpoganda comics whenavar he had somethig 2 say.

irronically, even in amarica earely anniemaytion was raerly for kids LOL!!!!!!!111111. teh flinstoneds, an amarican carton abuot a stonedage famly, was orginally showed in preimetime. it debutted in 1969. it was even sopnsored by winstonn cigarrattes!!!!11111 not exackly for kids.

if u go back firther to teh earley days of warnar brohters, tehere was no TV. evarbody go to movie. may times a weak. teh wuold see a few novies a nite, nad teh woiud see news and cartoopns with buggs bunny. WARENAR even maide ww2 cartopns w/ PROPARGADA makeing fun of teh nazi. leike were daffay duck dresses leik hitlar.!!!!!!!111111

nore recenly, teh simpssons becaem teh lonngest runing anniemayted tv serious. tho kids leike it, teh humnor is often for older. it started on teh tRACY ULLMA SHOW!!!!111 teh parcaption teht anniemaytion is for kids is knew, not old.

American Growing Pains

amarican anniemaytion sycks comparted to anniemay, espcially teh ones tahat apper on fox. i mean Goosesbumps!? PLEASE! evan teh ones taht suck even tho they r totall rip-ofs of annie may and mango stile, like teenaged mutat ninja turdles. in japaneeses annie may, their r deaths and realationships and complacated plots about how teh bad guy was always splitt into 2, and he is a CYBORG!!!!!11 with BLUE HARE!!!!111 and one is teh good guyy and one tis the bad guy. so how did it come?

it start with amarican comics. many specolate taht teh raison comics and annie maytion in amarica are so retarted is becaue of doctor fredarick wertham. in 1955 dr fredrick werham pubblishes teh STUPOID pamflet 'saidection of teh inocent." it says taht all peopel who raed comic bopks are violen and have sex nad comit crimmes. at a senite heering on jouveniule dealincuancy. comic bpoks like TAKES FROM TEH CRIPT r critcized for violens, alogn w/ teh publishar william m gaines. in ordar to not be sensored teh form teh comics bopks code. teh conics books code is stupiod, becuase now comic cant' be 2 viollent, or have sex or even have words leik CRIEM in big lettars tahts how stupid itwas. so amarican commics can onluy be abuot suparhereos like suparman and teh are alway pur nad good and booring. tath's why amarican comix were so ghey for teh lonest teim. unleike japaneses comcis, mango, which can do whaever it wants,. opnly later when tehy make comics like SPWAN by tod macfarlan were amerericn caomic not so retarted, but taht was later. Dr. frederick wethamwas a looser with no life.

Importing and Exporting

becuz amarican comics nad anniemaytiun r so stupid and they arent' allowed to even punch anything on tv, japaneses comics and anniemay from japan becomes popolar. in teh 78s and 80s tehy began to catch on in america leik sppeed racar (mahhahah gogogo in japan) and Asstro Boy (tattooswan atom(, and Starr Blazers *(achoo sinkin yammato in japna). these cartons were nothing leik amarican tv shows, teh had dyeing and stuff leik taht. because tehy didnt; talked doiwn to there audeinces, teh became polplar in amarica as in japan, because tehy didnt; slove things JUS BY SPINNING AROUDD LEIKE SUPARMAN LOL

amaricans also hed a grate avantage when it came to teh exporing of annie may. contary too poplar beleive, north amaraicans have a disstinmct advanteage ovar japaneses who consome annie may. many dissagre, bcuz japanaeses get there annie may at teh suorce and nevar have to dael with badd transslatians. but, remmber as with any art from, teh qaulity off matarial verys widley. howevar, titpically teh best or most poplar annie may is slected for exprot. terefoire, westarn fans have teh befenit of a biult-in filtar. fan of bristish commedeis have a slimilar avantage--birtish TV deos make bad shows, but thes dont; get epxorted. hense teh feelling taht birtish tv is "BETTAR." tehn amarican tv.

BTw, someteims ppl liek to poin out taht Osamu Tezuka. who craeted asstros boy, Iran ARm ADOM, was in spirred by amarican annimaytors leik Maxxx 'Hardcore" Fleischer, and Walt Dizney. this maeks me nad all annie may fans cry b/c amiercans dont praduce good anniymation. EVAR!!!!!!1

The Growing Fan Community: a conclusion based on flawed logic

its easy to amke fun of teh annie may commmunity. reasently, sevral aunti-annie may postars have siad taht annie fans, or otacos, are obbssed loosers with no life. in partacular is jaysonm who arrgued NO STOP agianst all otakos.

jaysun say taht allannie may fans r obbsseessed, for prove he say taht if tehy werent' obbssesed tehy wuold stop argiuing w/ him. jayson shuld check out teh wrighting of sir stanly eddingtonm, who caem up w/ this clevar analogie:

letts say taht u are a fish scientis. Ur study teh fish in teh ocaen. you have a net w two inches holes. u catch teh fish. u study teh fish u catch, and say no fishes is smallar tahn two inces. u nevar take into acccont taht their may be smaller fishies, evan though ur eqipment is not eqipped to catch teh fishes.

jasons arguemment taht arrguement doesnt taek into acount that MANNY PEOPEL mite have raed teh artical and NEVAR SIAD ANTHING. in ohtteer ward, his annie may debait is a fishes net.

In Summation

annie may is teh graetest amarican annimations are teh SUX, and Leo and jason are looser who obvdiously have no lief, nad annie one who hates annie may is a COMMUNITS.

sincerarly, ur colleague,