Short Clip Scripts

Written by The Screaming Clown

Here are a few "short clip scripts" that I have written about 4 years ago, while over-relaxing. I now found the paperwith these thoughts, and since I am cleaning up my desk, I shall write these thoughts down and communicate them to you.

1. The church. - 50 seconds clip

(organ music is playing softly, music intensity increases throughout the clip. occasional suspense sound effects)

The camera starts moving from the altar, from behind the cross.

You can see a part of the huge wooden cross that is hung on the wall, and you can observe part of a hand that issupposedly nailed onto the cross. Little worms crawl out of it (what was I thinking!!), but you can barely see them. Thecamera moves forward towards the benches in the church, which are facing it at this moment. In front of the altar, yousee a monk kneeling, his hood completely covering his face. The camera goes on a tour around the church walls, returningfrom the entrance and gradually advancing towards the monk, whose back is now at the camera.

The cross can be seen at the front, with Christ on it, high above the monk. A bright light is shining from behind the cross.

As the camera approaches the monk, with a sudden move the monk takes off his hood, which was covering his head, exposingan ugly, bleeding face. Suddenly, the light behind Jesus's cross turns red, the monk stands up and grabs the camera(shrieks and other sound effects take place). An add appears on the screen: "Reformation. We are here"

2. The little girl. - 45 seconds clip

A little girl is standing outside on a hill. A ruined church can be seen not too far away from her. The wind is blowing,and the clouds are dark-red, with occasional fire burning in the sky.

A shrivelled teddy bear is at the girl's feet, all ripped apart.

The little girl holds a tight expression of anger on her face, staring into the horizons, the wind's intensity growingeven more.

A tear flows gently on her young cheek, mixing with the dirt on her face. She looks up at the sky, her large eyes arevery wet.

3. Coca Cola Commercial

Ruined cities in the background, ruined skyscrapers with vegetation all over them, cars on the streets, barely seenthrough the bushes that are now all over the place. Skeletons and 1990's house appliances can be seen, scattered around.As the camera stops moving, this imagery stands still and the sun is still shining brightly.

Behind the camera, one can hear: "PSsssst (pop can opening)... Gul gul gul gul gul (person drinking)... Still got thetaste!"

(steps of a person walking away)

Big logo on the screen flashing:

"ALWAYS!!! Coca Cola!"