Written by Leo N.

Welcome to Issue 40 of Capital of Nasty. The end of the year is close by, and before Halloween was over, the stores began to display their Christmas decorations. It seems that in this world we just live to add more material possessions to the ones we already have. By not having these products, you are not cool, and you will not be accepted by society.

Anyway, before anyone starts accusing me again of having turned into Capital of Philosophy, I'd better answer a few questions which I have receivied in my mailbox. I was asked how the weather was here. Well, this is Canada, the weather ranges from 30 degrees celcius in the summer to -30 degrees celcius in the winter. Thanks to El Nino we are probably going to have such a large load of snow, that maybe we should all learn to hybernate.

From several readers I was asked if it is possible to contribute to CoN. The answer is yes, in fact if it wasn't for some of our readers, CoN would be pretty dry at times. There are no real guidelines to follow for your submission. Just keep in mind the following:

Spelling  it's hard to enjoy reading when there are awful spelling mistakes. Don't get me wrong, I contribute with my good share of errors, but it still makes sense.

Grammar  it is difficult to understand what one is trying to say if the sentences are poorly written. Ask yourself: does it make sense, can you comprehend what you are saying?

Language  We would prefer to limit the use of swearing. Humor based vulgarities, ceases to be funny. However we are not stopping you from using them. In other words, use them wisely.

Freedom of Speech  speak your heart out! Just remember that as much as you have freedom to say what you desire, you have no right to abuse it. If you have to make negative/racist comments about something or someone, make sure you can back yourself up. Any primate can write "CoN sucks" but how many can write the reasons why it does? (If you write such an article, don't forget to include your home address. Our boys Frank and Joe will gladly bring you the prize you have won.. hehe).

There are about 70 more unread e-mails in my mailbox, so I apologize if I haven't replied to any of you. I am enjoying a stomach flu which has drained me completely of what little energy I have left. I hope you'll enjoy this issue, and I hope to get some feedback from everyone of you.