Written by Christopher Stolle

I think this will change my foot-groove view -
fear surprised my by tapping my shoulder
too many times in this ballroom decade;
an experience to photograph for my children -
to dance across new horizons and bridges
with success leaning into my upbeat body.

flesh covers my body, but I cannot sing -
radio stations tucked me into bed each night
while cold shivers forsake my physical needs;
another emotional melody to sway with -
rhythm in my words destroyed by shy situations
in attempts to waltz away from solo pain.

nothing too fast for this awkward dreamer -
stars point for my feet to settle onto the ground
instead of trying to fly from rejection faces;
there are goddesses and mermaids calling -
arrangements must not be scripted or recorded,
but I cannot improvise dreams for public performance.

Jan. 7, 1998