Blah-biddy, Blah, Blah

Written by Jeff Wright

Back to the old school format for this issue's submission.

Movie #1:
Se7en (or Seven, if you like)
One of the repatory theatres was showing a Se7en/Fight Club double bill last week. I went and saw Se7en on both nights. The cinematography alone was worth the price of admission. If you ever get a chance to see Se7en in a theatre, jump at it. If you haven't seen it, or haven't in a while, give it a watch or a re-watch. David Fincher is just so damn good.

Movie #2:Ghost Dog: Way of the SamuraiLeo and myself went to see this last week, and both enjoyed it. Leo a bit more then myself, but I did dig it. It's a fun little movie, that's well worth your time and money. Jim Jarmusch is cool (I think a lot of that has to do with his hair). My only qualm with the flic is that it rips of a method of asassination from "Branded to Kill", which by the way, is another cool hitman movie. It's not perfect, it's a little weird, but it's neat enough.

Movie #3:The InsiderThought I should see this, since it was put back into a nice theatre. I liked it, but it wasn't Best Picture nommination worthy (then again, neither are the other movies nomminated). Russel Crowe's performance is terrific, and is the highlight of the movie. By the way, can somebody explain to me what Pacino's talking about when he goes "What is this Alice in Wonderland?!?!"? An explination would be greatly appreciated.

Movie #4:Black Cat, White CatA great hilarious comedy about Gypsy gangsters. It's just plain wacky, and is great fun. In a strange way, it's kinda like the first half of "Life is Beautiful" (am I the only one who thinks that the second half kinda sucks?). A pig eats a car in the movie. That's something you've gotta see, right?

Movie #5Cannibal: The MusicalJust rent the damn thing. If you like Orgazmo, you'll like this. The dvd is amazing. It's got a commentary on which the cast and crew get drunk. If you've got a player, and like the movie, it's definitely a disc you'll want to pick up.

I think 5 movies is good enough. Everyone should be able to find something they really like.

On a closing note, I'd just like to say that I think that having Robin Williams sing "Blame Canada" at the Oscars, is one of the worst fucking ideas ever to come out of a head. FUCKING STUPID, FUCKING STUPID, FUCKING STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!