CoN (not) at the Movies

Written by Jeff Wright

S?up bitches!?!?! I?ve watched a whole 3 movies in the last two weeks. That be weak. I?d like to blame it on my broken DVD player, but it just broke a few days ago (fucker!). I just haven?t been in the mood, so I have very little to talk about here. I?ll try to pad it out with a bunch of stupid shit you won?t want to read.

Thank you if you haven?t skipped to the next article already (here?s hoping mine isn?t the last), but really you may as well.


This flic rocks the house! Best HK flic I saw from last year. It?s a comedy about a hitman who teams up with a Scorsese worshipping film student to shoot his hits on video as a little bonus for the client. Definitely one of my fave films?a 2001 yo. Sadly it?s not available on DVD yet, so you?ll have to pick it up on VCD.


Go rent it. If it?s not in the COMEDY section of your video store, it might be rented. Check the CLASSICS section just in case though. It might be there.

Movie Three: AH FUCK THIS!

I don?t wanna type anything more about no movies. K?

Blah blah blah blah.

And a blahbitty blah blah to you sir!

?I Love My Computer!? That?s what my mouse pad says.

Has anyone been watching Survivor? Who?s going to win the million dollars?

Have I asked if anyone has Who Wants To Marry A Millionaire on tape? If anyone does, I?ll pay for a copy.

I?m going to see Weezer and Gorillaz next month. Woohoo!

Anyone still reading? If anyone is... Why?