Damn you

Written by Seinrrha Iceheart

[Ed. Note: yes, we know 90% of people on CoN have told us that they hate poetry, but I thought: "hey, why don't they shut up and stop whining like dogs in heat, and let that 10% be happy, for once?" Please?]


Damn you for not loving me
To hell with you for being blind,
How can you never see me?
Why can you never be mine?

Damn you because I love you.
When love and hate is all the same,
One is a winner, the other is a fool,
You leave me wallowing in pain.

Damn you for your indifference,
With you, I waste a lifetime.
Damn you for your innocence,
I should stone you for your crime.

Damn you for your beauty.
Let me forget your face!
Damn you for capturing me,
Free me from this death embrace.

Damn you for not seeing,
You imbecile of a little boy,
Damn you for not understanding,
And damn me for being your toy.