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WELCOME to issue four of volume four of CoN. Our delay this week can be easily blamed to last week's: too much to do. While school is entertaining as I have mastered the skills of sleeping with my eyes open, of selective hearing and regurgitating what a professor wants to hear, I am beginning to suffer from the side effects of sleep-deprivation and too much coke and caffeine. Needlessly to say, I am looking forward to March break in order to recuperate in one week what I've lost in nine.

Before I leave you with an e-mail from Jakob Straub, I'd like to announce that The Annihilation Fountain (TAF) is now being hosted by Scriba Org. TAF contains articles from the dark, higher minds of our hidden virtual society. A recommended read for those that read too much science fiction and think that the X-Files are still cool.

The link: http://www.capnasty.org/taf

Our next issue will deal with depression.

From: Jakob StraubOrganization: Towel TechnologiesTo: CoN Editorial <con@capnasty.org>

Re: Jason's Republic: Nearly Ten Minutes of Philosophical Training

I wanted to respond to the philosophical article by Jason MacIsaacin the issue of Capital of Nasty, which I enjoyed very much (justlike the whole thing).
At school, when we were dealing with utilitarianism and werediscussing the issue of abortion in ethics, our teacher used thesame example as Jason did to explain the "Slippery Slope" thing,i.e. that if you legalize abortion within the first three monthsof pregnancy, it becomes easier to legalize it for later months.And he, too, joked about that finally abortion of teenagers wouldbecome legal...
There's just one difference: The whole thing is not called"Slippery Slope" in German, although he explained that expressionto us. The common picture we use is that of a protective dike,getting more and more cracks with further legalization of abortion,until finally the whole flood of immoral things is breaking through.
Now I know what question you have in mind, and yes, I did the wholeRobbie Williams "protective dyke" episode from Good Morning Vietnam("What is a protective dyke ? Is that a large woman standing by theriver going 'Don't go there, don't go near the river, stay away fromthe river!' - I know you can't use the word dyke, you can't even saylesbian, it's women in comfortable shoes! Thank you very much!").Of course, no one got it (since nobody knew GMV in English), exceptan exchange student from the US who was laughing until she nearlyfell out of her comfortable shoes.
Thank you very much!Yours, Jakob