Written by Kunal Ganguly

This is a very small article that I dug up from the clutter that is my mailbox. It is rather old, I think I wrote it in 1992, although it could be before that. I just felt that CoN readers might enjoy this stuff, of course you can edit/delete anything and everything as it is rather a controversial topic and rather unsettling.... do tell Jason McIsaac that I find his work absolutely amazing.....


"Millions die.... for one.... God is cruel..... God's cruelty is refining"

(Adapted from Desperation, Stephen king)

I dont believe in god.

But I've heard a saying 'New Eyes see better'. I believe an atheist's eyes may be able to see God's light in a better perspective than those who already have pre-defined judgements of God.

What I find sorrowful is that the people's willing to believe in God's "will." I don't think that God even has a "will," or a rule or command that we mortals should abide by. Those who claim to know God's "will" will also claim to know God's mind.... which is Blasphemy. How can one know the mind of the supreme, i come to that judgement because that's exactly what God is supposed to be... Supreme.

Also creator, forgiver, destroyer, etcetera, etcetera.

So, in simpler words, how can we mortals even dare to follow God's "will" or his command when we even don't measure up to the supremeness of him?

Our job, I believe, is to follow the path that he has laid out for us for, as they say, God's path is love and happiness.

Any takers for Atheism?