You don't eat, or sleep, or mow the lawn... Just you know what all

Written by Jeff Wright

It's been a pretty lackluster year for films so far, but the summer season is starting to pick up and is producing some pretty good flics (before the summer hit, the only good film I saw was eXistenZ). The first summer flic that impressed me was Run Lola Run (Lola Rennt), a german action flic that's just a ball of energy somehow captured on film. The next was Austin Powers 2, which while being very funny, still wasn't top 10 list material. The South Park movie was released close to two weeks ago, and is an all out brilliant comedy. What makes the movie better than the show? I don't know if anything really does. I still feel that the show is constantly putting out funnier, and smarter episodes each week (did you see that Jar Jar episode?!?!?!) The movie is funnier than the average episode. What makes it funnier is that it's free to swear, make jokes about failed abortions, let you hear a bit of anal sex, etc. Things that just aren't permittable on tv. What this does is ups the ante on how far Trey Parker and Matt Stone can go. It turns any saftey switch that the tv show may have, right off. If you're a fan of the show, this is a good thing. If you aren't, well I doubt you'll get much out of the movie, though some non-fans have enjoyed it much more than the show.

The film's plot is this: Canadian actors, Terence and Philip, who's tv show is a favourite amongst the South Park children, release a film. Said film is rated R, and contains very naughty language. After viewing the film, the children of South Park speak like a young Eddie Murphy. Lead by Kyle's fat bitch mom, start a war against Canada.

There are other subplots, but them's be the basics. It sounds ridiculous, and it is. With the subplots, it's even wackier. The bottom line is that South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut is full of some of the biggest laughs I've ever been [privileged] to watch on film. As of now, South Park is on the top of my 10 best list for the year. I urge you to go see it, and not only because it's an unbelievebly crude and hillarious comedy, but also because it's a very intelligent satire of society's blaming of film for it's problems. Go see it! I haven't even told you about the musical numbers. I did that because they're brilliant and need to be seen and heard.

What shouldn't you see right now? Three words: Summer Of Sam. Spike Lee's film is one of the sloppiest films I've ever seen made by a big league, talented director. I don't even want to go into what makes this movie so terrible. But I'll tell you that if it weren't for Episode One, this piece of shit would be my pick for the year's worst film.

Already seen South Park 3 times like me, and you want something new to see? Well I just saw American Pie last night, and was really surprised. It's really funny, has well developed (though a bit cliched) characters, and the acting is wonderfully natural. It's one of the best teen comedies I've seen.

Oh, and nobody forget that Eyes Wide Shut opens on Friday. Go see it opening weekend. Make his last film, his most successful.