People I Dislike

And Why You're Probably One of Them

Written by Smitty-boy

  1. Anything old enough to talk but not old enough to make any sense (Basically children from when they learn to talk until they reach at least seventh grade)

    These kids talk about nothing other than that Pok?-crap. When I have to baby-sit them I feel like I'm going to pop a vessel holding in the rage. The only thing that gets me through is the promise of $15 an hour and fridge & TV rights. But, when I'm not baby-sitting I just yell something like 'Pikapuppet is gay and I kicked that little thing in the egg.' That usually makes some little kid cry and then I feel better about myself.

  2. Vegetarians: I hate them all. Always going off in sermons about how it's wrong to kill animals. That is, by the way, the dumbest excuse to not eat animals ever. They would die anyways! Why not put 'em to good use? They are a good source of protein and their hides most likely saved a few bikers over the years.

    I've heard some say it's the Christian thing to do and that animals have the same rights we do. My problem with that is that God gave us dominion over every creature. Thus, they are below us and therefore do not have the same rights as us.

    I'm not sure when it happened, but there was a wildfire out in the western US of A and six fire-fighters were trapped while trying to contain the fire. They radioed for help and a plan was made to take a helicopter and fill it with water form a nearby lake to put out the flames around the fire fighters so they could get out. BUT a local animal rights group protested this plan because there was an endangered species of fish in that lake and they said that if water was taken form it some of the fish might be taken as well by accident. So, the chopper was never sent, a path was never made, and the six fire-fighters died. On the plus side, some fish that might have been put in danger survived. Hu-frikking-rray!

    It is (or I thought it was but I guess I was wrong) common sense that humans are more important than anything else is. If I had to choose between letting 1 human or 500 cute puppies live, I would choose the human and let the puppies die. I'm not saying I hate puppies, I like them, but we are more important. And everyone should agree with me. If not, you're added to the list.

  3. Anyone who just disagreed with me on the above topic about puppies and what not.

  4. Cats: they aren't people, but my aunt's cat scratches me for no reason so I hate them all. Bah.

    Another thing, what's the point in having one? You work all day to earn money so you can feed an animal who does nothing but destroy your couch with it's claws, eat food you have to buy for it, sleep on your bed, and crap on the carpet so you get the pleasure of cleaning it up. It's pointless, unless you're going to argue that they keep you company. Who cares? Make some damn friends. A cat can't save your life if you're drowning, but a dog can. That's why I like dogs, they're useful.

  5. Feminists: they think men cause all of the world's problems. If they can't get ahead at their jobs they claim the boss is a sexist and chauvinist. They constantly complain about men and our evil penises of death. Really, they just get on my nerves. If anyone has ever seen The Boondock Saints (if you haven't I highly recommend it. It's a great movie and it's on of my favorites), you'll know what scene I'm talking about. Feminists suck.

    What really bothers me is that they claim men are the problem and that if women ruled the world everything would be ok and there would be no wars etc. There are just a few things I see wrong with that (note: I don't really have anything against having a female president). When said female president gets PMS, I am willing to stake my life on her pushing that big red button launching 500 nukes at any other country's who leader said she had a fat butt or something like that. When it comes to personal grudges women are a lot worse than men. Also, if a radical feminist was given supreme power over a nation what's stopping her from reversing the tables on men. Instituting lower wages, poorer working conditions, and every other thing women claim to suffer through. Their solution would thusly create the same problem but have effect on the other gender. They should just stop whining.

  6. Anyone who tells me what to do (i.e. teachers). If there's anything I hate almost as much than all of the above, it's being told what to do. I can handle being told to clean my room (which I don't do because my parents never go in my room. Not much in there other than my bed, clothes, & TV). What I DO loathe with every fiber of my being is being told to do things I don't, under any circumstance, want to do. Homework for instance. I'm at school for seven hours tying not to fall asleep just so I can go home and do (or not do) another four hours of work. It takes away from my precious time for sleeping and eating. Essays, on the other hand, I CAN tolerate to some extend. This is only because I have fun with them (like the time I compared Germany in the 1800's to the Smurfs. I got a 48, but that's not the point).

    Another thing, besides school, is when people I don't know tell me to do things, like "open the door" or "hold the door" and other things not involving doors. They don't even say please, bastards. On the off chance I don't ignore them for their rudeness and do help them, I don't any kind of gratitude from them. If it takes me a while to get over to them (I walk rather slowly sometimes) I get a "took ya long enough!" ...Bastards.

  7. Snobs: these people, usually the "popular" kids at school or whoever, think that they are the most important people in the world. They THINK they're funny, smart, cool, and everything people like but in truth, they're just rich and probably popular because daddy promised to buy them a convertible for their 16th or play some sport or just look good so everyone wants to go out with them. Jocks are usually this. Their worst trait is always putting everyone (outside their click) down. They suck.

    Don't even think about going off saying I'm just bitter and all that. I wouldn't want to be popular if I had to put other people down in order to do it.

  8. Loud, overly giddy, peppy, perky people: I?m not talking about cheerleaders, I like them. I'm a friend with some. I'm talking about people who are just so damn upbeat it's irritating. Like cheerleaders who aren't cheerleaders. There isn't really any specific kind of group here, just anyone who has that high voice and yells a lot and talks constantly although they never really say anything. The main words in their vocabulary are "like" and "um." Those two words start most of their sentences. Like when they get called on for an answer they say "Umm... 1842?" when they were asked who the major powers in WWII were (now I know, or hope, nobody is THAT dumb, but i needed an example).

  9. People who make lists about things or people that suck (or anything along those lines.)

    These people put themselves up on a pedestal and look down on the world as they see it and them point out what's wrong with it. They single out a group(s) that may have good intentions and them point out all their faults. They think they're so cool, but they suck too. They suck the most.

If you aren't one of the above, CONGRATS! I'm not really a hateful person... just... well...OK maybe I am. I like most people though. If you have a good sense of humor and aren't one of the above we'll get along great. There are also some people who fit into the above categories that I don't hate. There are two vegetarians that I know and don't hate, and there are a few jocks I can tolerate. Everyone else, well, you know...