Predictions for the future

Written by Milkshake

If you hadn't noticed, we are nearing the end to yet another year. So I've decided to make some predictions about what might happen in the future, here they are (in no particular order of probability).

1  All the worlds lost paper-clips will get together to form a planet crushing army. they will first take over the larger powers such as the USA and Russia and the like before moving on to wipe out the rest of the human race that spawned them, leaving the world completely inhabited by paper-clips.

2  The amount of fat people in America will be so great that the whole country sinks into the sea, with very few areas managiing to remain afloat. These will be fitted with giant motors and used as travelling holiday camps by Belgians and the people from Scotland, travelling from country to country, skimming the waves.

3  Bill Gates takes over the world and bans all forms of entertainment except the Internet and Microsoft games by threatening people with gerkins so they all do what he says.

The big fight has unfortunately been discovered by the RSPCA and has subsequently been stopped. I am denying any involvement in these criminal activities and have been released as the police have no evidence to connect me to the crimes.