Readers' Letters

Written by capnasty

From: Steve Fry
RE: Capital of Nasty Electronic Magazine II.19 Censored Edition

Hey CoN!

What's up??? Why the censored version???

Right now I'm in Japan doing a bit of work for the company that I used to work for here. If you take a look at the Japanese version of Gamesmania it hasn't changed in a while. Unfortunately I'm really busy right now but hopefully soon when I have some free time I'll start doing some updates. I'd like to keep it going if just as a hobby for myself.

So do I get the uncensored version of Capnasty???


Hiya Steve.

As you read from the disclaimer, the censored edition was for the people that work at IFront, Gamesmania and/or Microforum. It wasjust to avoid whatever trouble I have apparently caused to grow any bigger. Good luck with the Japanese side of Gamesmania.