Readers' Letters

Written by capnasty

A. CoP: Capital of Philosophy

From:             anonymous (the author desired to remain unknown)To:               CoN Staff Subject:          Cop? Date sent:        Wed, 28 May 1997 10:23:39 -0400

Dear Editors,

I thought it was Capital of Nasty, not Capital of Philosophy. I was looking forward to reading the latest issue of CoN to cheer me up after battling road hogs on the 401 for forty minutes in a bid to get to work on time for once. Instead of the usual lighthearted humor I read about your midlife crisis. Cheer up man, believe me, you don't want a Mid-life crisis at twenty... unless you're thinking of saying sayonara when you're forty.

You're right, life seems pretty pointless sometimes but most of the times it's because for some reason it's easier to dwell on the bad things. We forget the nice things because we consider that to be the norm.




[Editor's Response]

Thank you for your letter. Rest assured that the editors have received appropriate treatment for his negative outburst and is heavily sedated -- even as you read this letter.

They required more sedation than the doctors expected. We suspect it’s because you suggested that Capital of Nasty has some philosophical offerings. We ask that you refrain from this in future correspondence.

Colin B.