And Why You're Better Off Dead

Written by Catie Darts

Relationships... that's all I hear about from so many people, and so, it's amazing what kinds of insights I can gain from listening to my friends talk about their relationship dealios. Relationships are pieces of crap. No matter what, they always, always, ALWAYS leave someone miserable. Whether it's unrequited love, or the guy who's crush chose his best friend, or the girl who wants more from the guy, or vice versa. It's a never-ending cycle of tedious, demanding loving and trying to make things "work out", when ultimately, things were doomed from the start.

First of all, as we probably all know, girls are much more sensitive than guys. But until recently, I never fully realized how true that is. I'm a girl, and I knew that I was a sensitive person, but I mean, I never wanted to admit to it. I don't see how I can't after hearing about other girls and how they react to their boyfriends, ex-boyfriends, or crushes.

No matter what, the girl will always think that the guy just doesn't understand. Maybe he does, maybe he doesn't. But according to her, he doesn't. He could say, "I can't see you anymore because of a, b, and c", and the girl would still prevail and say, whimpering to add effect to the guilt trip, "You're just too confusing! You don't even know what you want!" Woe is the boy who is truly not confusing, but has to endure the pain of being shunned and deemed misunderstanding. Now, on to another tangent.

I realized today that there are the guys who truly do care about relationships, and then, there are the guys who don't, or think they do, or try to, but they really don't. For example, there's the guy who will cry when he sees the girl he loves but just can't see anymore, and there's the guy who will ignore the girl after making her feel like she's the most pretty, special girl ever, then break up with her after a month, realizing he likes too many girls to have just one... aka. Bastards. Now, there are most likely some Middle-of-the Road guys who are more or less, a little of both. Those would probably be the guys that are the ones that girls like but they don't know why they like them. They tend to be the ones people OBSESS about until you want to shoot them because you don't want to be the bitch to tell them they will NEVER be with that person... EVER. So harsh and twisted is this relationship web.

Now, keep in mind, there is most often a mediator of a relationship when times get hard. This lucky person is often a good friend of both the male and female counterparts of the couple. I send out my sympathies to those who are in the middle of a dying romance, hearing not only one, no, but BOTH sides of the story. This situation, well, sucks. Not only must you lie through your teeth to one of them with whom you think is being the problem in the relationship, but you must also be very prepared to just drain yourself completely dry of all the relationship advice you have accumulated thus far, because you are going to lose it ALL. Also, if you are a non-swearing kind of person, you must be open to hearing many "fuck it"'s throughout the whole period of time. Because "fuck it" is the "I don't care about this anymore!" line.

But oh no, they care.

And they'll draw you back into the triangle of their damn relationship, and all
because you don't have the balls to tell them to shut the fuck up.

So I say good for you if you're single, good riddance to you if you're not, and if your relationship sucks, I'm sorry. That sucks for you.