Written by capnasty

Welcome to Issue 5 of CoN, only a whopping week late. Last Monday, after hours of dreadful homework, I realized that CoN was due. I looked into the CoN directory to see how the issue was going and noticed that I hadn't even started it. "Oh well, tomorrow".

The "oh well, tomorrow" kept going as I was finishing assignments to prove further examples of my constant growing idiocy in school, that a whole week rolled by. And another probably would've if I did not force myself to finish this before passing out on my bed.

My apologies. I hope you'll enjoy this issue, while I keep the Editorial extra-short. There have been quite a few submissions from the readership and if only a few of the stories are appearing now is my entire fault. Not enough time. Too much on my plate and an average of 100 e-mails a day arriving in my box that I haven't been able to sot out yet. It's insane.

Our next issue of CoN, for the joy of women (or not, when they read my article) is about "all men are scum". CoN invites any women out there subscribed to our humble zine to share their views and stories with the rest of us.

Until then, thank you for your support.