Ugly Breasts

Written by IMPROV

I don't think people are really reacting enough to this Yugoslavian think. This ain't no crazy desert man trying to up gas prices, this little thing has split the UN in to two halves. And just in case you didn't know the "U" stands for United...and when a group is split, it's a little moronic to call it United.

Wake up and smell the descension among the ranks. Russia has pulled out of NATO and said that Moscow may take further steps (including military action) to, "ensure its own and general Eurapean security." Not just poor Russia is pissed but very large China have called the NATO attack illegal... no good, they have ONE BILLION people there... actually ONE BILLION COMMUNISTS!! Cause for concern, I think so. So what do I do...the only right thing a smart ass such as myself can...write a TOP TEN LIST.

If I was a non NATO member, say... perhaps China, here are my:

10 Monica Lewinski's mouth.
9 Jerry Springer's studio.
8 Euro Disney (yeah I know it's in France, but I figure it's a service).
7 Saturn auto plants (they're a cult).
6 Utah (damn those Mormons).
5 Billy Clinton's unit (and I'm not talkin' his apartment).
4 Canada's Wonderland theme park (I know it's a front).
3 John Stamos (he DOES NOT deserve to be married to that bikini model).
2 Ontario Highway #2 (take out all important roadways...and there are none more important than good ol' number 2).
1 Oh yeah... Washinton D.C., L.A., New York City, Chicago, Ottawa, and Toronto... among other urban centres.

Move to the boonies..except Utah!