Project: Build your own A-Bomb

how to create a nuclear device

Written by GotW


All over the world problems have occurred when the United States supreme court, prohibited publication from some famous magazines, because they contained instructions on how to create a nuclear device. The court used the excuse that knowing such things, could be dangerous for the public safety. However, many books in libraries explain how the bomb works and how to create one.

This project here described by our amazing scientists, could cost between the $5,000 and $30,000, but it all depends on how fancy the designer decides to make it.

Construction method

  1. Obtain some 110kgs of military grade plutonium, for nuclear armaments from your favorite distributor. A nuclear power plant can be a good place to start, however it is not recommended, as engineers tend to be upset when large quantities of plutonium disappear. We suggest contacting your local terrorist group.
  2. We remind you that pure plutonium is somewhat dangerous. Make sure you wash your hands with warm water and soap after the use, and don't let your kids or pets play or eat it. If some plutonium is left, it can also be used as a bug repellant. Give the rooms a good ventilation after the use. If you can't find a place where to store the remaining plutonium, simply use an old coffee container.
  3. Construct a metal container in which the device can be placed. The box can be constructed to resemble something else, such as a briefcase, a TV or a Chevy' 57. Do not use tinfoil.
  4. Divide the plutonium powder in two semicircles, separated by 4cm. Use white glue to keep the plutonium powder from moving.
  5. Now take 220kg of trinotrotoluene (TNT/Dynamite). Your handy Home hardware will be probably have a good amount stored, or simply borrow some from the closest mine.
  6. Pack the TNT around the two semicircles of Plutonium powder, as described in step 4. Use some plastiline or play-do to maintain the dynamite in place. You can use colored play-do if you want, however it is not necessary to use too much imagination when doing this.
  7. Place the described structure in the box you created following step 3. Use strong glue, that will be able to hold for a while. Crazy Glue is fine as well. Attach the structure with the TNT and Plutonium powder in the metal box to prevent explosions caused by unwanted vibrations.
  8. To make the structure explode, use a remote control (RC) with servo mechanism, like the ones used in model cars or airplanes. With patience you can build a detonator that will be activated by the servo, which will produce the explosion.
  9. Hide the finished object away from the view of your neighbours and from the kids. Don't place it in the garage or in your basement. Humidity and the different temperatures might make the device explode, caused by the low stability that Plutonium seems to have. Under a sink or in your closet will be just fine.
  10. You are now the proud owner of a functioning thermonuclear bomb. This can be used to break ice during a party, and with a pinch, to help the national defence.

Theory of operation

The device functions this way: when the RC activates the servo, a spark will occur which will make the dynamite explode. With the explosion, Plutonium will be compressed causing an unstable mass. This mass will produce a chain reaction causing the bigger explosion, and here you have it: a megaton explosion.