Written by IMPROV

I fucking hate the homeless. I mean it, I hate them... I feel no pity or anything of the like for them, I just flat out hate them. Although I must admit that my hate is concentrated mostly on pan handlers. Fucking people looking for hand outs from me! ME! The guy who makes so little money the bank laughs when they cash my paycheck... you know when they say someone laughs all the way to the bank? Well I'm the opposite, the banks laughs at me when I'm on my way there. Anyhow, who cares I could be the richest motherfucker in the world (and by the way the richest people in the world do indeed fuck their moms)...either way I wouldn't give them shit.

"Spare some change?" They ask as I walk by..."NO!!" I yell as I kick them in their rotted teeth...

I wish.

No I actually apologize! I say, "Sorry, man." Like I should feel guilty for not giving them money for absolutely nothing. But to avoid confrontation with these wastes of flesh I tap my front pockets, as if to say they are empty, and apologize.

I live in a country where there is a very large social net to help those who are "less fortunate". Which, by the way, is a load of shit too. Fortunate? Since when does luck have any thing to do with one's plight in life? As master of your own destiny it is your job to keep your ass housed and off the street.

But this net is in place, nevertheless. If you're twenty something and living on the street and hungry, don't ask me for money...because you're just like me....young and able bodied and therefore you can get a shitty paying job, just like the rest of us. And as for those who are not able to work because of physical ailments like a missing limb or something...well that's no excuse either.

A guy who is missing his left arm from shooting up too much, has a better chance at getting a government subsidized job than me. I'm a white male age 18-49, with no particular disability, I mean at least if dyslexic I was maybe good job could get I government from.

Now, far be it from me to complain with out offering a solution. Seeing as these people serve no particular service to society in life, I think they should do their part in death.

There are still many communities relying on coal to get power, coal, which is expensive, and bad for the environment. I say replace the coal with the homeless...and no I'm not talking abut getting them to run around big hamster wheels to turn turbines (although that is plan B) but then you have to feed them


I say incinerate the bastards. Hospitals burn human waste all the time, and really what better way to describe a homeless pan handler than "human waste".

That's right, burn `em. I'm not talking in a fire place or anything, the smell would be awful, I'm saying, let's rid the streets of this nuisance and build some power plants that work on human flesh. I'm sure it's possible. There has got to be some engineer out there who shares my view, but is to afraid of the moral backlash his idea would cause. Well to you Sir (or Madame) I say, "I support your death machine to power huge metropolises!!"

So next time you see a homeless person shivering on the street, do one of two things for me: either kick them right in their rotted teeth, or look them straight in the eyes and say, "You won't be cold long... trust me."