The Journal of a Smell

Written by Melissa DeWilde

Day One - Oooh, that smell

I come back to school after my thanksgiving break. I sit down at my computer to check my e-mail or piddle around with something or other. I lean back in my chair and take a deep breath ...and I smell it for the first time. It's.. play-doh-y, maybe a bit of rot, something else. I look for possible sources. under the desk? No. The garbage can? Nope. The 2 week old bowl of macaroni and cheese...? Surprisingly enough, no. Oh well. I give up and go to bed.

Day Two - Can't you smell that smell?

I come home from after class, kick off my shoes and sit down to check my e-mail (like I ever have any) and there it is again. That smell. I search for it again, in vain. But I do notice something: It seems to be concentrated in one spot, right where my head is when I lean back in my chair. Okay, then, that's a simple enough solution. Just don't lean back.

Day Three - Oooh, that smell

Sit down, lean back, smell, lean forward, sit there for a while, lean back, smell, get fed up, leave. Lather rinse repeat.

Day Four - The smell of death surrounds you

The smell is part of my life. The smell has become a daily annoyance, much like the lip and tongue smacking of Ann ( See "11 Noises My roommate Makes. ) I don't like it, but there's nothing i can do about it. (well, I could just rip her tongue out, but that wouldn't get rid of the smell. ) ( but I'd feel better. )

Day Five - Oooh, that smell

Still there. But I don't care. (singing smell is still there, but I don't care. )

Day Six - Can't you smell that smell?

I'm on ICQ complaining, I mean, Talking to every person I know about that damned smell. They've all got suggestions. Is it your garbage? Stick my nose in there, once again, and take a big whiff. Nope, still not the garbage. Is it something dead? Nope, pretty sure it's not. We don't have mice and it doesn't smell dead. Is it you? Stick my nose under my pits. Not B.O. I breathe into my hands and smell my breath. Not halitosis. Bend over a bit and smell down there. Nope, ain't that either. Besides, if it was me, I'd smell it all the time, right? not just at my computer, when I lean back. I give up. It's really not that bad. And I am kinda getting used to it.

Day Seven - Oooh, that smell

I go most of the day without trying to find the smell, or even complaining about it. I still wonder, "What the hell IS that?" every now and then, but I've pretty much accepted the smell.

Later in the day, sick of leaping over a two-foot wide pile of miscellaneous junk to get to my bed, I decide to go on a much-needed cleaning spree. I suppose I might have had an ulterior motive as well.

After I clear away and organise the junk, I empty the garbage. The smell is still there when I'm done. So it's not the garbage

Since I'm already cleaning, I decided to try to fix the shelves under my desk. They've never been right. (Ann got the good side of the room.) They collapse under the lightest of loads. I work from the top down. The bottom needs the most work. With disgust, I clean the 2 week old mac and cheese bowl. The smell goes away. Hey! Maybe it was that. But I stuck my nose in it enough times, I was sure it wasn't the source. But I may have been wrong.

I attack the shelves. I take the top one out to fix the bottom.

My nose is assaulted again. WHOA! Ug, ick, pew, barf! This one is so much worse! Eew, puke, gag! I think this smell _IS_ something dead. This sucks! I'm definitely going to find out where this is coming from, even if it kills me. And I think it might. I go get my flashlight and disassemble the lower part of my desk to see what crawled under there and died. It takes a really long time to do this, seeing as how I need to come up for air frequently. I get my light and shine it around.



But wait. Sniff, sniff. The smell is gone! Cool. I guess it just needed to be aired out a bit.

"Melissa?" I hear from across the room. "Yeah""Did you find out what that smell was?""No, I didn't. Why?""Cause it's over here now!" She says as she sprays her God-awful air freshener and waves her arms around.

Hee hee hee. No longer my problem.

Problem solved.

And yet, the mystery remains....