Written by capnasty

Monday, July 20th, 1998 - this was supposedly the date in which Issue 14 of CoN was supposed to leave my computer and loiter your mailboxes. Unfortunately it wasn't so. After problems with my computers (special thanks to those that wrote telling me that I should switch to Linux, among them David Welton), our Linux server decided to die. If you e-mailed us in the latter part of July, chances are, we did not get your e-mails.

To make things more exciting, I couldn't connect to the Internet for a whole week due to some other mysterious problem, apparently on the server's side. To login now I enter my password only the second time it asks, and although it reports an error, I can connect fine. If I enter the password right away, I can't connect to the rest of the world. It works, I stopped asking why.

FUBAR - I had a chance to see "Saving Private Ryan". I was tired to hear people tell me how much they hated it or loved it. Honestly I can't find words to describe the movie. I found myself hanging on to my chair hoping it would end, soon. Not because the movie was bad, but because I wanted off the battlefield. Steven Spielberg was able, just like with "Schindler's list", to create a special movie, bring characters to life, and make you realize how important life itself is. Words give it no justice, go see it for yourself.

I also went to write my test for being accepted in college. Let's just hope whoever will read my essay has a good sense of humor.

Lastly, here is a letter of reply to J.W. by NeuronKal. This was in regards to J.W.'s comments in our sex issue about the high content of homoerotica. Our next issue of CoN (undelayed hopefully) will deal about "Relationships". There is one spot left for anyone interested in submitting a piece. Have a great one folks and thank you for your patience.

Ranting With Neux:
today's topic: People We Hate

People we hate? You want to hear about people we hate? Well then, we will tell you about people we hate! (ok, lose the royal "we"...) The only people I hate (that's better) are People Who Complain About Jokes They Don't Understand Because They Are Humor Deficient Stuck Up Pricks With Too Much Free Time On Their Hands. Bitter? Yeah, you betcha!

As a Perfect example, what the hell is up with J.W. and his "homoerotica"? Was this person never a teenager? What seminormal teenage male has not been forced into kissing another guy in a game of Truth or Dare? Granted, I didn't Enjoy it, but I sure as hell am not about to bitch about it! The part that really gets my goat, (and here I assume that J.W. is a guy, because, well, I can't even mentally picture a female writing that letter), is that if the story had mentioned two girls kissing on a dare, He Would Have Been Fine With It.

Don't even tell me I am wrong here, because you know how right I am. Not to mention that the part in question wasn't even the main part of the story. Look at the way that J.W. just zooms in on it! This man has some issues. If I were him (and thank GOD I'm not) I would be looking into some psychiatry. Pronto.

But here I have not even gotten to my main point. The thing that truly pisses me off to no end is when people complain about racist / ethnic / whateverthehellyouwanttocallit jokes. I am sorry, but if you can't look at your own background and laugh at it, there is something wrong with you. I find, in fact, that for me, a Jew, the Jew jokes are the funniest. Jokes are meant to be funny. They poke fun at things. People (at least the ones I know) don't tell Welsh jokes to offend Welsh people. (why Welsh? I don't have the slightest fucking clue, it just came to mind) Seriously, the only thing that ever offends me is when people are offended by jokes or other materials that weren't meant to offend. I wish that J.W. and the multitudes of others like them could remove the poles from their asses and follow my example.

J.W. - did this rant piss you off? Because if it did, then you're not on the right track yet, buddy.