Written by capnasty

GREETINGS TO OUR READERSHIP, without whom CoN would not have a purpose. This is issue 42. I apologise for its late arrival.

By the time most of you read this, Leandro will be on a plane bound for Italy. He will be staying there for approximately a month. During his absence, I am the acting editor. Leandro assured me that as long as he can find a working telegraph line, he may write.

We received a question from one loyal reader about whether CoN accepts submissions from its readership. Absolutely. That makes me think of the next and last issue of the year, which should be ready just before Christmas. Here's an invitation: if you have a holiday or New Year's bad wishes for that insignificant someone you despise, say it with CoN. Please send your words of malice to con@capnasty.org by December 20. If you have anything nice to say about someone, we'll consider publishing that too.

Junk Faxes
CoN received a couple of letters in reply to Leandro's rant about Junk faxes, one from Gard E. Abrahamsen and this one from Tim Henderson:

Faxing unwanted ads is a federal offense. In many states, you can collect damages yourself. In some states, you can get hundreds of dollars per unsolicited ad.

These anti-junk-faxing laws went on the books about 10 years ago. Nevada and Maryland have the most interesting ones. If I were you, I would contact my state assemblyman or whoever reps you in the state capital, and ask about the law there.

Junk faxes can be "found money".

Leandro and myself live in Canada. Now I could be wrong, but I'm pretty certain there is no law in Canada banning junk faxes. While the thought of collecting compensation is a very nice one, I would rather see people who send junk faxes sent to a special prison in which all the walls of every cell and room -- yes, even the showers -- are lined with junk faxes. Any prisoner who attempts to remove the faxed wallpaper will be banished to some remote island north of the Artic Circle.

With that charming note, I hope you enjoy this issue.