Readers' Letters

Written by capnasty

A. Who's Father Ross "Padre" Legere?

Date sent:        Fri, 30 May 1997 18:46:58 EDT From:             Hijal, Sirine To:               con Subject:          Re: Capital of Nasty Electronic Magazine II.21

Hi lansdowne,
How's it going young man?? Good job on CoN, its lots of fun, and I love all the controversial discussions that go on there ;)
So, I have a question (my five minutes of spotlight maybe?): WHO is Father Ross "Padre" Legere? I'm very curious..
I'm just wondering, who is Father Ross "Padre" Legere?..

--[ Editor's Response ]---

Hello Sirine =)

Thank you for your compliments regarding CoN. It shocks me at times to receive letters. This means people *actually* read CoN? GASP!

Father Ross "Padre" Legere was the priest from our High School. Originally CoN existed back in 93/94 as Volume 0, and had only 2official, unreleased to the public, issues. Most of the staff of CoN is people that went to the same High School and served time together.

Fortunately, although our "work" and our "cause" were highly criticized (especially my so called "controversial" drawings of cows from outta space invading earth) I found myself with the majority of the teachers against me. Father Legere (we called him Padre) was the only man that came in my defence, protecting me and appreciating my methods of expression. An expression which he called art. If it had not been for him, I would've been probably kicked out of the school (nice try Ms. O'Brien, you still have a fat ass).

In September of 1996, Father Legere died. This death was very upsetting to me, ironically more so than anyone that died in my family.

So here is CoN, just a way to share memories about our past that will never die. Father Legere lives in our hearts. Cheese, I know.

An article on Father Legere's funeral, titled "Easy Hard" was published on Volume I, Issue XIII, Year MCMXCVI AD (September 16th, 1996).

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B. Jurassic Park and the plot

From:             Hammed Malik To:               CoN Editorial Subject:          Re: Capital of Nasty Electronic Magazine II.22Date sent:        Tue, 3 Jun 1997 10:08:58 -0400

: by Robert Willette (IMPROV) : : I watch the movie with an open
: mind...hoping for some shred of a plot...

There's the problem! You don't go to see Jurassic Park/Lost World for the plot. You go for the effects and accountant-eating dinos. This is similar to watching Schindler's list expecting an action movie.

: or something to keep me
: awake...needless to say I could have been fast asleep by the third
: scene of the movie. OOOHHHH the T-rex is after Jeff Goldblum

I agree to the part about Jeff Goldblum. I find him annoying and would have loved to see a raptor tearing him apart. To be fair, the dinos did eat a lot more people this time (it is a sequel after all). Did you notice that the dinos seemed to prefer bald/balding guys? I guess they're trying to avoid furballs.

: As for Spielberg...with the exception of Schindler's List I guess
: it's been all downhill since E.T.!! Why not get a real director
: like John Woo or Sam Raimi to direct a multi-million dollar budget
: movie? Oh well I guess that's what I'm not a producer.

It's hard to take your criticism of the movie seriously if you don’t consider Spielberg to be a 'real' producer.

--[ IMPROV's response ]--

First of all...I never once said that Spielberg wasn't a real producer, what I said was that Spielberg is not a great director. That's the problem, he is a producer.

As for the idea that I went into this movie with the wrong attitude, that’s where I believe you're wrong. There have been many action/special effects movies with half decent plot lines. The Star Wars Trilogy comes to mind right off the bat...and more recently The Rock.

I must agree with your observation that the carnivours were attracted to bald men. The first thing I said as soon as the short/unattractive/bald scientist was "DINNER!"

Thanks for the rebuttal, though, it's nice to know that it was actually read... there'll be more (probably one for every so-called summer blockbuster)