ten things to do with half a wheel-trim

Written by Milkshake

A fancy dress hat. A delightful tray for serving light refreshment at parties. A crap frisbee. A bizarre torture device for dwarves. A snow-shoe. A strange temple for insects. A device that no home can be without for gullible fools. A stupidly small shield for medievil questing knights. A handy bird table for the garden of accountants from Slough. .ooo, erm, hmmm, can anyone else think of a number 10? Does anyone care?

Thought not...


Yup, you read correctly
this fortnights competitors are

Leonard the shrimp
George the manhole cover

Who do YOU think will win?
Write an e-mail to me marked "Vote for the fight" so that I can delete them immediately.
Remember when making your choice, the shrimp, though vicious in packs doesnt really have the brute strength to penetrate the thick metal of the manhole cover. But if course the manhole cover doesnt actually move much.