“When automation starts displacing lawyers, accountants and bankers, then we might see some push-back.”

Another warning about automation taking your job


Sat, Nov 18th, 2017 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

With the Tesla truck being announced, Volvo unveiling their self-driving truck in Beijing, and Embark already hauling freight autonomously, truck driver Finn Murphy of The Guardian wants to know what the displaced — and not just truck drivers — are supposed to do when they are made redundant.

For drivers like me, driverless trucks are the power loom and the sheepskin. There are about 3 million of us in the US alone (plus 600,000 in Britain), and we will soon be extraneous – roadkill, so to speak, except we won’t be dead. That makes us, as one driver said, “disposable people”. Too bad for us, you might think. We’re on the wrong side of history.

Maybe so, but guess what? You’re next. When automation starts displacing lawyers, accountants and bankers, then we…


“Astronomers have sent a radio message to a neighbouring star system.”

If anybody is home, we might hear back in 25 years


Fri, Nov 17th, 2017 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

According to New Scientists, astronomers sent a message to another solar system that is a mere 12 light years away, hoping to hear back in about 25 years — Stephen Hawking had suggested not doing so. In the mean time, while we wait to go to Mars, you can always join Asgardia, a virtual country that hopes to be located in space, one day.

This new message – beamed from an antenna in Norway over roughly eight hours over a three-day period in October – is simpler and may be more readily understood, Vakoch says.

It begins with information about counting, arithmetic, geometry, and trigonometry, and includes a description of the radio waves that carry the message, as well as a tutorial on clocks and timekeeping, to see if any potential inhabitants of GJ 273b have an…


“A fraudster poses as an attractive woman and encourages a man to masturbate in front of a webcam.”

How fake Facebook accounts work and make money by blackmailing stupid, horny men


Thu, Nov 16th, 2017 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

Radio-Canada's Jeff Yates looks at the proliferation of fake Facebook profiles, how they work, and how they are ultimately used to generate profit using sextortion. The moral of the story here is not to accept friend requests from strangers, especially if they appear to be young, well-endowed, clearly-underage girls wanting to show you more than they should — or at the very least, please try not to masturbate in front of a webcam.

You receive a Facebook friend request. Judging by the photos, she’s a young woman. You don’t know her, but she’s lovely, and you’re intrigued. Why not? You accept her request. You’ve just unknowingly triggered the first mechanisms of a sextortion trap.

While investigating the world of fake Facebook profiles, my colleague Marie-Eve Tremblay and I have discovered a massive network of fraudulent accounts that catfish their male victims using stolen photos of young women…


“The homemade airplane does indeed fly!”

Homemade electric plane


Wed, Nov 15th, 2017 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

RC model builder PeterSripol shows off his homemade electric airplane capable of carrying one passenger.

aaaannnd now to fly out of ground effect! The homemade airplane does indeed fly! This part 103 electric plane has probably been my craziest build yet!


“Semis, not personal cars, are the smartest use of autonomous technology.”

Self-driving trucks have been hauling refrigerators since October


Tue, Nov 14th, 2017 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

According to Wired, self-driving trucks monitored by a human have been driving 650 miles along the I-10 freeway, from a warehouse in El Paso, Texas, to a distribution center in Palm Springs, California, courtesy of startup Embark. They believe that the need for self-driving trucks is far more pressing than self-driving cars and achievable with the technology available now.

For now, the Embark milk runs are designed to test logistics as well as the safety of the technology. On each trip, a human driver working for Ryder (a major trucking company and Embark’s partner on this venture) heads over to the Frigidaire lot in El Paso, picks up a load of refrigerators, hauls them to the rest stop right off the highway, and unhitches the trailer. Then, a driver working for Embark hooks that trailer up to the robotruck, cruises…


Short Story of Similar Objects



Mon, Nov 13th, 2017 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

Tanello Production has this short experimental film titled Mirror, showcasing two completely unrelated objects that are surprisingly similar.

How many times it happened to find similar shapes between them which seem to have any kind of relationship?

As often it happens in nature all is apparently different but essentially the basic shapes are repeated with infinite declinations.
The format, puts in relation objects from similar shape that have different functions.


“The education industry as a whole is a con.”

The education system in the United States is a scam designed to milk students forever


Sun, Nov 12th, 2017 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

According to Rolling Stone magazine, the education system in the United States is a massive scam designed to imprison students in debt and milk them for money for loans that are impossible to repay. Everyone involved, from schools to government lenders, are making a tidy profit at the back of students in what the article describes as an example of The Great American Ripoff Age.

It's a multiparty affair, what shakedown artists call a "big store scheme," like in the movie The Sting: a complex deception requiring a big cast to string the mark along every step of the way. In higher education, every party you meet, from the moment you first set foot on campus, is in on the game.

America as a country has evolved in recent decades into a confederacy of widescale industrial scams. The biggest slices of our economic pie – sectors like health…


“It saddens me to say it, but we are approaching the end of the automotive era.”

Former vice chairman of General Motors predicts the end of human-driven vehicles


Sat, Nov 11th, 2017 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

In an article written for Automotive News, former vice chairman of General Motors Bob Lutz predicts the end of the automotive industry in the next five years. Car manufacturers will simply be making autonomous self-driving modules for operators, who in turn will provide "transportation as a service" to the general public. Nobody will actually own a car anymore.

“It saddens me to say it, but we are approaching the end of the automotive era,” he writes this month for Automotive News. Our daily travel, he predicts, will migrate to standardized passenger modules as the demolition of the traditional auto industry accelerates. Within five years, he expects, people will start selling their cars for scrap or trade them in for autonomous passenger modules as self-driving cars take over transportation. Within 20 years, human-driven vehicles will be legislated off highways. Companies like Lyft, Uber, Google, and other technology companies…


“I always ask every client, ‘Are you prepared to sustain this lie?’”

In Japan, rent a friend, relative, spouse or co-worker


Fri, Nov 10th, 2017 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

Appearances, which In Japan are everything, can now be rented. Company Family Romance can give you anyone from any age for any conceivable situation. In some cases, the appearance is kept for as long as the person is alive.

Yuichi: I played a father for a 12-year-old with a single mother. The girl was bullied because she didn’t have a dad, so the mother rented me. I’ve acted as the girl’s father ever since. I am the only real father that she knows.

Morin: And this is ongoing?

Yuichi: Yes, I’ve been seeing her for eight years. She just graduated high school.

Morin: Does she understand that you’re not her real father?

Yuichi: No, the mother hasn’t told her.


“As big tech’s reputation plummets, suddenly a job at Facebook doesn’t seem so cool.”

Tech workers ashamed for who they work for


Thu, Nov 9th, 2017 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

With the declining reputation plaguing Silicon Valley many tech workers are reportedly ashamed to work for the big tech giants. And as the damage the industry is doing to the communities they occupy becomes noticed by the world, tech giants don't seem to care about the repercussions of their actions outside of their Silicon Valley bubble.

“We have this habit of highlighting and celebrating brilliant assholes like Steve Jobs and [Uber co-founder and ousted CEO] Travis Kalanick, when the reality is they are awful human beings,” said Greg, head of technology at e-commerce startup Brandless, adding that it is women and people of colour who tend to bear the brunt of their behaviour.

“It reminds me of stories that came out of Wall Street in the 1980s, when sexism was part and parcel of the culture,” he added. “Stories like that become public very…

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