Written by capnasty

IT IS HARD TO DETERMINE if our readership doesn't like long issues or long articles. From the assumption that it is the latter rather than the former, this issue of CON is particularly long, due to a large number of articles. CoN Editorial would love to hear your input in regards of SIZE.

As for the last issue we received some good and some bad e-mails. Not many, mind you, as our readership is not fond of writing (perhaps in fear of their letter appearing here), but beside all that we thought the last story (love and work) in issue 20 was one of the greatest. Mnemonix writes:

Congratulations in finding such a realistic, good writer for "loveand work". His story reminded me of William Gibson's "Neuromancer"It also touches the mentality of "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest".

Esperanza, although wishing to remain anonymous, complained:

what is that freaking-a long article in the end? Seemed to jumpfrom one thing to another but I only got a glance.

Perhaps reading it might bring a different view to your mind.

Luke de Sade, decided to whine and complain because CoN was different for once. Luke de Sade as well failed to read the issue.

What the hell was this issue about?Ok, I'm not bitching or anything, but this issue seemedpointless. I didn't even finished it. I only read on thesurface. I didn't get into it like past issues.The only article that touched me was "I met my father today" or something like that.It's such a shame that it takes a dying father to bring a separatedfamily together. It's even worst that you realize that you loveyour father the moment you know he's dying. I imagine how Theresamust have felt when she realized how much time together they had lost.

Our next issue will deal with "Gods and Religions" and how we are all going to go to hell. I'll leave you with Theresa Toth's reply to Luke de Sade. Enjoy this issue. That's not a request.


I am quite happy that you found my article "touching", it's comforting that a few people feel sympathy for me. But I wasn't expecting it... It was indeed saddening about my father, but as the months go by, I learn to adapt to the sudden loss. And I certainly was ashamed to have not contacted my father earlier, but the past is the past, and for the longest time I had hoped he would have contacted ME, to tell me he loved me and wanted to see me, but he never did. His dying is what brought us closer together. He was not always "so caring" and our differences is what tore us apart. It took a loss of memory on his part to say he forgave me.

But get one thing clear... I have ALWAYS loved my father, I just never admitted it 'til now. I figured that because he chose alcohol instead of me, that he hated me, but now I realize that it was a sickness, but even though I have forgiven him now, I couldn't forgive the fact that he chose booze over me in the past. If it had not been for his constant drinking, my mother and I would have never left in the first place.

Y'know... I don't know which was the better way of dealing with his death...if I hadn't seen him at the hospital and made peace with him before he died, I would feel no remorse at his funeral, I would have adapted quite well, or, after not seeing him for 4 years, then seeing him in his death bed and him not remembering a thing about me. Should I have actually gone to his funeral? Or should I have just not interfered with his "new life" after my mother and I left? Who knows... who knows if I have just made sense.

But that's how I feel.