... not to trust is better

Written by Peter Fung

It was only last week when my girlfriend and I were walking home when somebody I recognized came up to us and asked me if he could borrow some money so he could get a taxi so he can see his girlfriend's grandmother who was rushed to the hospital earlier (so he says).

I remembered this individual from my days at grade school. I was contemplating the request at which he said he would return the money tomorrow. I gave him the money, $20 and that night I really pondered hard at what I did. Was his story a load of crock or true? Unfortunately to my dismay, it was the latter. The next day when I was out getting my computer serviced with my girlfriend and her brother Ben.

I called home to relay a message from my sister who called, my mom mentioned some unkempt individual arrived at our door, looking for me and asking to borrow money from her. At this, I was not very amused. I was f**king pissed! This acquaintance neither returned the money or gave any explanation and had the nerve to ask my mother for money. Who the hell is he? After hanging up, my girlfriend knew something was wrong, from my expression I had. I wanted to beat the hell out of this guy!

I eventually cooled down at dinner with her aunt, which made me forget about my troubles. Afterwards, I returned home at received a phone call from him. I was just fortunately he didn't arrive in person, I would have kicked his ass. He told me he arrived at my house and did not say anything about trying to borrow money from my mom.

He then gave a story about getting his check now, at 11:30pm and needing money to get a taxi and getting it cashed. I told him he would not receive anymore money or help from me and not to call me. He then wanted to come over and talk about it which I refused for his own safety, because I would beat the living f**king sh*t out of him, if he did. At this point, my thoughts went to where my brother put part of a pool cue (the larger end) just in case he didn't listen. At this point I slammed receiver on him and thought myself a fool in trusting someone I knew.

I asked my girlfriend who was over and heard the entire conversation, if I am too trusting or just a fool. She just came over and held me, which I needed very badly a this point.

Why do people lie? Especially the ones you know. If they needed money why don't they just ask for it? Why lie about returning it when they don't? I learned the hard way that you can't really trust anybody except those you care dearly about. Now I am hardened and less forgiving to those who lie and less generous to the homeless due to one person's act of dishonesty. This doesn't mean I wouldn't give a good friend a couple bucks. I just have to be on my guard more than usual.