Movie Review: 50 First Dates

Written by Rolo

I think one of the biggest mistakes one could make is to consider this movie a "date" movie. I for one certainly do not think this movie fits into such a social category regardless of its title. Though it is certainly a pretty good movie and a great comedy at that.

In this movie, Adam Sandler plays a successful marine veterinarian who has the easy life of shagging all the tourists who come to the island with no strings attached. In a twist of Fate, Sandler's character Henry Roth meets the girl of his dreams in a beachside diner while she plays culinary architect with waffles. The catch is, that this girl Lucy (played by Drew Barrymore) has no short-term memory and will not remember him the next day. Thus Henry must try and win her love every day.

Supporting both Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler are the usual host of pals headed up by Rob Schneider who plays Ula. Ula just happens to be Henry's best friend and lives vicariously through Henry's sexual escapades. On a side note, I think perhaps a hint of Rob's Filipino heritage creeping in through his portrayal Ula. And yes, I am a fan of Rob Schneider.

One of the more amusing supporting actors was Sean Astin. (Goonies, Memphis Belle, Toy Soldiers, LOTR Trilogy) It seems we can pretty much play "spot the hobbit" with the new movies coming out these days. It also doesn't help that Pippin was in Master and Commander either. You could tell this movie was quite a different role for Sean Astin, who I am sure enjoyed a somewhat "lighter" role than the serious and loyal persona of Sam Gamgee.

This movie is certainly funny and worth your time, if you are looking for a lightweight fun movie. Though never worth the price you pay. There are no complex plot twists here, just crazy scenarios, and a lot of fun stuff. It can be best said that this movie is like medicinal shot of amusement for the heart and a healthy break from the heavy CG-driven, stunning/epic plot movies.

I have to say that 50 First Dates hit the "spot" for me. The movie itself seems to play with the concept of love, and what it takes to consistently keep love going. Those who are in a "rut" or wonder if love will cease take note. It is certainly one for showing a persons determination to win someone over without stalking them. In a way it also points out the ridiculous Herculean effort we put into love. I find it also fair and amusing that Henry Roth scores, and fails miserably in his attempts to win the love of Lucy over and over again. Hence it makes for a more realistic, regardless of the crazy elements of the story. On top of this, Drew Barrymore is absolutely scrumptious in her acting delivery. Though I've never seen The Wedding Singer, the ability for both Sandler and Barrymore to hit it off on screen gives me onus to consider renting it.

I recommend this movie regardless of whether or not you have a date or not. If you don't it could be considered what I'd like to call a "anti-date" movie. This movie certainly pokes fun at the hardships of trying to date, much less win over someone you've fallen madly in love with.

I for one would set this movie right beside Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo, and The Wedding Singer.