The Millennium 'Experience'

Written by Milkshake

now, i dont know if any of you readers from countries other than Britain know about this as i dont happen to live in those countries. But at this very moment, in greenwhich there is a huge construction site where something special is being built for the turn of the new millenium. What it basically is, is a huge tent with 'edcuational' but 'fun' rides (i dont see how these two words fit in the same sentance, but they are nevertheless)

Its going to stay up for a year.

Its going to cost one adult around 17 pounds to get in Its going to cost seven hundred and fifty million pounds to construct. and its apparently going to show that britain is leading the way into the new millenium, how that is supposed to happen is beyond me.

Now, some of you may think this is rather a good idea, I would have to disagree, especially when looking at the current state of the country. Half of the schools in this country are falling apart, the NHS and other areas of the welfare state are having to take big cuts and take shortcuts because they haven't got enough money to go around.

I would have thought i secure economy and a thriving welfare state would be a much better way of moving into a new era rather than a tent in the south east of the country that most people wont even see But what do i know i'm just a student.