Written by capnasty

Welcome to yet another incredibly delayed issue of Capital of Nasty. What excuse do I have this week? Oh yes, my Windows95 machine decided to completely die on me. Before I managed to find all the zip disks scattered around the floor of the room to re-install everything and put this issue together, a few days went by. Special thanks go to our co-editor, Colin Barrett, who provided invaluable assistance in putting everything back together. Please, no e-mails that I should switch to Linux. I beg you.

LETTERS - J.W. wrote in regards to our "all-sex" issue of CoN:

Dear Sir,
I am writing you this e-mail in regards to your zine (CoN). When I requested a copy of it a week or so ago, I did not realizethe sort of obcene and objectionable material it would contain.The copy you sent me (III.12) was pure filth. The gay porn itcontained (you'd probably call it homoerotica) was quite offensiveand in rather poor taste. Knowing you, I had expected somethingbetter. You are above this sort of disgusting trash, and shouldset your sights higher. I will remain on the CoN subcriberslist, but I am warning you and all of your fellow contributorsthat if this motif of "homoerotica" continues, I will be forcedto un-subscribe.
Best of luck with your next (and hopefully de-gaypornofied) issue,J.W.

SCRIBA ORG - Spontaneously Combusted Literature has made CoN headquarters part of their "East of Wabash" tour. They will be having a lot of fun. WE will be having a lot of fun. And no, we will not be singing about the Wabash Cannonball. For more info, visit http://www.scriba.org/wabash/

ZINES - A new monthly paper zine, called Lemon Wedge, dealing with anarchist issues, anti-fascism (hmm, did they look at our main page image?), vegetarianism, animal & human rights (beat a seal for world peace), and much more has just started in Hagerstown, Maryland. Featuring many creative articles, as well as a few from CoN, you can get it delivered directly to your house for just the price of a few postage stamps. For more info, e-mail Luscious, the editor of Lemon Wedge at Sandoz911@aol.com, and she will be glad to answer any of your questions.

This marks the end for this issue of CoN. My apologies goes to our readership that had to endure in this long delay. Our next issue will be about "people we hate". Remember, bitter is better.

Run along now.