Written by Joe Tomorrow

This is our history.

I still remember the day it happened -- March 3, 2013. At 11:15 in morning it was announced simultaneously around the world the Bill Gates' personal net worth had exceeded the national debt of the United States and in a hostile, but unchallenged takeover, achieved through absorption and complex stock splits, the United States became an incorporated, wholly owned subsidiary of Microsoft. The country was now known as United States of Microsoft, inc. The Whitehouse moved to Bill's palatial home, the Senate and Congress moved to "The Campus". The flying windows Microsoft logo replaced the stars in the upper corner of old glory and the entire work force of what was America was laid off and hired back as perma-temps at lower wages, no benefits and no unions. Unions were outlawed. These were President/CEO/Chairman Bill's changes in the first week.

Surprisingly, there was not too much protest. Mainly Free Mason's and some militia groups in the Michigan area but they were quickly rounded up by the USMS commandos and shipped into Microsoft Users Re-education Development EnviRonments -- or MURDER as they came to be known. Most people figured they would all have life time jobs with Microsoft after the take over but like most corporations, Microsoft did a lot of downsizing after the change. It only took 3 days for the labour laws to be repealed and everyone in the country was hit with pink slips. It seems that contract labour on demand is the only way to work in the US of M now. The hourly wage is frozen at $8.00 per hour regardless of the work you do. It's almost enough to survive on but not enough to allow for any strongholds of resistance to be funded. And overtime pay is non-existent. Perma-temps simply work the hours required by the employers or face permanent unemployment. With absolutely no social safety net, the fear of unemployment effectively silences all protesters.

Everyone was also issued with Microsoft SmartBuyer cards. Which were basically combination credit cards and personal info cards. It was law that everyone had to show their card when asked by an MSMP officer. Penalty for not having a card was internment in one of the MURDER centers. The credit accumulated on these cards followed not only the users but the users descendants. Indentured servitude guarantees a work force for the future. Washington, Oregon, and California became a single walled state. Accessed only by those of the upper echelons of Microsoft and the former US government. CEO of competitors of Microsoft were rounded up and either interned or expelled from the country all together -- minus their personal wealth, belongings and companies. Every industry in the former US of A was absorbed into a branch of Microsoft. It took less than a month for Bill Gates' wealth to return to the pre-takeover level.

The only aspect Bill didn't beat down completely (not for lack of trying) were the hacker's and the paranoid types (which most serious hackers are). We saw it coming and prepared. We have our own counterfeit SmartBuyer cards. Our own non-Microsoft proprietary computer networks. And we're growing. Not in physical size, but in infiltration of trojans, worms, viruses, password capturing software, email monitoring, etc. Through our understanding and use of technologies such as Tempest, Microsoft has not detected our presence. But they will one day. But then it may well be too late. Because as our last line of defence we have a smashing offence -- but it can only be used once. The damage will be done and there will no recovering. At least not in our lifetime. You see there are still a lot of untapped resources -- knowledge bases -- to use an MS friendly term that are available to Joe Average. And we've tapped those sources and learned all we could. And we found out how (relatively) simple it was to manufacture our own electro magnetic pulse bombs.

If need be, we will effectively cut off our nose to spite our face and use the EMP weapons. History will judge us accordingly.