Written by IMPROV

Okay, so I'm watching NBC Nightly News (why I still haven't figured out, except for the fact that there's only so much "innovation" one can take in a day from Toronto based CITY-TV). The lead in story is "Crisis in the Whitehouse", another riveting story about the case of the intern who blew. Call it what you want, Lewinsky Gate, Zipper Gate, or Starr Wars, I could care less! Followed by a piece explaining that the U.S. has sent 75 more warplanes to the Persian Gulf (bringing the number of U.S. jets in the gulf the 350). The story proceeds to say that the troops are poised and ready to attack at any moment...which in some people's opinion puts the world on the brink of a third world war.

Why am I giving you a report on "What I saw..."? Because I have one simple question, "Since when did the leader of the free world’s sexual promiscuity become more important than the possibility of NUCLEAR FREAKIN' WAR?!?" Here we are on the other side of the world wondering around under the illusion that Bill Clinton's much travelled dick is more important than an Iraqi-Russian alliance. Am I the only one who has a problem with this? Who gives a rat's ass if old Tubby is boffing everything that moves in the White House? I'll tell ya who. It's the same mid-western inbreeds who think Springer is quality television.

Don't blame the networks, because they're giving the American public what they want. People don't want to know about political strife on the other side of the planet, they want the scoop on how crooked the president’s member is. Personally, I could care less if Lewinski &Bill did it on the Oval Office desk during the State of The Union Address (now there'd be some ratings!). That's the sad truth, we live in an era where the Pamela & Tommy Lee video is in as great a demand as Too Hot For TV! I'm far from a moralist, and would never condemn one for getting they're kicks (as long as they didn't involve children or livestock) including the President of The United States of America. But people don't care about real problems... what so you think about more: Iraq's chemical and nuclear armoury or Clinton's preferences concerning swallowing and kissing afterwards?