You're Going to be a Dad Soon

Get some sleep right now

Written by Leo N.

Dear Darryl,

You're going to be a dad soon. Congratulations!

Nothing I would say would be a good enough explanation of what its like to have a kid. It is the best of times. It is the worst of times. No, seriously, go get some sleep right now.

You will know what it is like to love someone this intensely. When you'll be asked who would you give your life for, now you'll have your answer.

You will laugh like you have never laughed before. Honestly, some of the shit kids do is hysterical.

You may not laugh as hard when you find your Playstation destroyed or that your favourite headphones have had their cord diligently chewed. What may surprise you is the almost infinite patience you never knew you had. Even when you can't see in front of you from how tired you are.

Be patient. Eat your tongue. Be the pillar.

You are going to be a great dad. Your fa├žade is that of an impenetrable fortress. It is otherwise inside: you care. You nurture. You encourage. It's the kind of things a kid loves. They're little sponges waiting to understand the world around them, and you'll provide that. Everything you do will prove to them that they, too, can do everything.

They're also little shit-heads that will purposely try to irritate you because they love getting a reaction.

Watch the birth. Cut the cord. Be shocked by how much it looks like you. Be prepared to repeatedly feed a very hungry creature that has only one way of communicating: by crying.



The first 24-hours suck, mostly because you have no idea what you're supposed to do. Here you go, sir, here's a miniature person. Figure it out.

Everything that is so great about having a kid can only really be understood by having one. And no amount of dirty diapers is going to change that. There are thousands of people that wish they could and can't have children. I'm not saying having them is a miracle, but they're definitely fortune.

You're going to be a dad soon. I'm not kidding about the sleep thing.