Bill Gates and IE

Written by Milkshake

Long ago, I was a user of IE 3.0. I was happy with what it did. I also used Netscape as both browsers are better at some things. I was happy, life was good, browsing was fun.

I recently received IE 4 on a magazine CD and decided to install it and take a look. The result was rather unexpected. It has now completely taken over my computer.
It has changed my Windows bar.
It has changed my Windows explorer into some strange amalgamation of IE and WE.

Why? Why I ask? Was that really necessary?
It's even got some strange 'active desktop' thing that I dare not click until I know what it does.

And my computer crawls. I'll need twice the amount of RAM I have to make it run back to its original speed.

In short, Bill Gates has completely re-worked my computer when I was perfectly happy with the way it was. The man is evil.

May this serve as a warning to all of you out there who were thinking of upgrading to IE4. Don't. Don't do it. Stick with Netscape. By installing IE4 you will only spread Bill Gates' reign of terror further.