Nothing says "I love you" like Subway

Or Subway: "Eat me fresh"

Written by Smitty-boy

[Disclaimer: some facts distorted for comical effect]

Ah Valentine's Day. Our nations commercialized and sugarcoated day of love, lust and pre-marital sex. Flowers, candy hearts, Hallmark cards and Subway sandwiches... those are the four things that spell out Love for me.

Valentine's Day is slowly becoming something like Christmas for the perverted and kinky. With things from edible panties to sex swings, the market is flooding with "toys" for adults. People everywhere saying "happy Valentines Day!" with their fucking perky cheery smiles.

I for one, enjoying the fun-filled life of the single and bitter, did not have a happy Valentine's Day. No, this year was just another bleak and dismal reminder that this world continually pops up and bites me in the ass. I can't help but feel that God's pointing and laughing at me. Well, it's either Him or Satan.

I had to work... on Valentine's Day. This caused two things. First, it screwed up the day of masturbation and self-loathing that I had ahead of me; and two, it caused me to ponder what kind of people will actually go into Subway on V-Day.

Well, ponder I did, and I finally came to the conclusion that the only people who would go into Subway on Valentines Day are the lonely or cheap. Case and point, the two older gentleman and young-teens couple that came in during my six hour shift. I might add, the ONLY four people that came in.

There was someone else working with me that night but she had a boyfriend and she asked if she could leave early, so I let her. I don't see the point in making other people bitter and angry just because I am. I'm not evil enough--yet--to get any satisfaction out of it, anyways.

The only positive side to that whole day is that my boss had to cough out $39 to pay me for working plus whatever cost for electricity and such when he only made about $20 in sales from sandwiches.

That brings me to my next (or first) question... why the fuck would ANYONE think a lot of people will go into subway on V-Day?

So the night... a total of four customers, other employee left early, leaving me alone on the day not to be alone. I'd say my bitterness is well justified.

Now, if only I could convince the judge the same about the fire...