The Events of '97

Written by capnasty

Who would've thought that a Golden Testicle drawn more than 4 years ago would grow to such enormous proportions as it is today? Although very young, CoN has grown in numbers and strength over 1997 which has been quite a significant year:

97.01.06 - The first Golden Testicle is awarded as CoN enters volume II, Issue I.

97.06.17 - This site finally uploaded to the site, which resides on Scriba Org. The official URL to access CoN is

97.06.17?-?Happy Birthday CoN CoN turns one.

97.06.25?-?CoN receives ISSN registration and is officially registered with the National Library of Canada as "Capital of Nasty Electronic Magazine", receiving the ISSN number 1482-0471

97.07.01?-?Readership explosion In 48 hours, our readership grows from less than fifty users to over 500.

97.09.02?-?From Weekly to Bi-weekly CoN went from weekly to by-weekly to keep up with what life is throwing our way and to increase the quality of the material.

97.09.15 - CoN receives it's very first review from E-Slather, an online zine whose praise for our monkies and testicles made us all shiver with delight. Their URL:

97.11.25 - CoN receives its second review from Citi:zen Magazine. An online magazine covering the area of Sacramento. Their article appears at:

97.12.09 - Humble and Fred from the Toronto based radio station 102.1 The Edge named the "Golden Testicle Awards" as their link of the week.

What will 1998 have waiting for us it is still a surprise. We hope that we'll manage in continuing our bizarre zine production, and most of all, to continue receiving the support from our Readership, the principal reason why CoN is.

Any comments? Suggestions? Please feel free to e-mail us with your words of wisdom at: