Written by Leo N.

WELCOME TO ISSUE 12 of Capital of Nasty. My apologies for this long delay, unfortunately life has taken its toll, and time has become a precious rarity. If anyone out there with an insane amount of money is willing to sponsor all of us, then we can finally start dedicating ourselves fully in the publication of this silly drivel. Until then, or until I win the lottery, all we ask, is to bear with us.

SEX - Being something we cannot live without, it has also been the most popular request from the readership when CoN had asked what should appear in future issues. So here you have it folks, an entire issue dedicated to sexually related topics. We hope it'll rock your monkeys.

LETTERS - John Komdat writes:

At the bottom of the current Capital of Nasty zine is
ZimID 708EC8D1 1994/09/14 EC B0 97 59 1D FE 7C 32 7E 04 2C 66 47 41 FB 7D
It looks sorta like a PGP thingy. What is it really?

What you see at the end of each issue of CoN, is the `zine's PGP key fingerprint. ZimID for Zimmerman, the creator of PGP. Capital of Nasty supports encryption for the masses. Our public key, version 2.3, is available here:


RUMORS - Apparently AOL will charge for ICQ and/or send advertising through the ICQ network. Anyone with information regarding to this is kindly asked to let us know.

This marks the end for this issue's Editorial. Our next issue will deal with jobs. What would you like to see in CoN? Our question is always thirsty for your comments.

Have a good one.