Written by capnasty

My last Editorial
This Issue marks my last editorial and the second last Issue of this year. After December the 10th I will be gone for a month to see family and friends I haven't seen for over two years. I will return before Issue 2 of Volume III is out and if I find a Cybercafe` along the way, I'll for sure write the latest events. Unfortunately the stress lately has been overwhelming and to keep up with what life has been throwing my way I've completely burned out. I need some time to recharge my batteries and think about nothing. CoN will continue to be published by my co-editor, Colin Barrett. If you have any queries or questions make sure you e-mail him. I will be gone and unable to check my mailbox. Colin can be reached at: tyrannis@capnasty.org or when you hit reply on this issue.

More Spam
Just when I thought that I was only going to put up with my e-mail Spam, I look at my fax machine and I notice a fax. I don't receive fax from anyone, but it's convenient to have a fax for the few times I have needed it to send something. Somehow though, considering I did not give my fax number to anyone, I had a nice piece of advertising hanging there. Two pages of huge letters and words, one advertising the faxing service that had sent me that ad, and one for the actually advertising for oil changes. I was furious. First I get spam through mail, and now even on my fax? I called their fax number and sent them their ad back. I then called their number but I was greeted with an automated service which removed my number from their listing. Although skeptical, I dialed in my number and it said it was going to remove it. I then called their second number listed there. This time I got to talk to a human being, which surprised me being 6PM on a Sunday. I complained to him as if he had sent me the fax himself. The poor guy kept on saying he just worked in a messaging place and the company that sent the fax just picked up the messages from there. He took my fax number and promised no more advertising would come through the fax. Tomorrow I an going to call the company for the Oil Change and give their manager a hard time. I'm tired of being a target for marketers.

The End
I'll live you with this issue hoping you will enjoy it. If you have any comments or questions, send them in. I'll be able to reply to most of the mail probably by December the 9th. I wish all the best, and I'll see you next year.