Written by capnasty

A. Rough day at no frills

Date sent:        Mon, 03 Mar 1997 03:33:07 -0500To:               CoN Editorial StaffFrom:             Colin B.Subject:          Rough day at no frills (CoN II.09)

Don Leo,

I would like to make you, and our the rest of our fellow readership, aware of the fact that my mother once worked for two IGA grocery stores, and that not all employees of IGA behave in the same manner as the IGA clerks portrayed in this story.

My mother and her fellow workers were only involved in covert operations authorised by Oshawa Foods, IGA's supplier, against the grocery chain known as Knob Hill Farms. no frills stores were never a target of these actions simply because my mother's first store was at Jones and Danforth, and the two closest no frills supermarkets are located at Coxwell between Gerrard and Cabbagetown. The second store, located at Pape and Danforth, was less that a kilometre away from the first.

Readers also note that while the CCCP publishes Capital of Nasty, the BBC does not endorse any of its content.

Thank you.

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B. Welcome to CANADIA, eh?

Date sent:        Mon, 3 Mar 1997 01:50:50 -0500 (EST)From:             ajrTo:               CoN MembersSubject:          Re: Capital of Nasty Electronic Magazine II.09

Ok, this time I didn't hit reply by accident. And the first time I didn't either, but then I decided what I had been going to say was stupid. But here it is.

I was just going to comment that, as an american, the term african-american has come to sound totally normal to me. But seeing the term african-canadian, which i'm sure sounds just as natural to canadians (i.e. people from canadia) totally cracked me up.

and, as far as opinion goes, the no frills bit was funny. :)

and I'll leave you with a disgusting little fact I found out today. (feel free to censor, since it is not UNintentionally offensive.)

Ever heard the term "squick"? Well, you might have. Or not. But anyway, it means "to gross out". For example "I totally squicked my lab partner when i cut my fingertip off." Well today I read somewhere the origin of the term. It said "squick- from the sound made when penetrating/copulating with the brain of corpse, by means of a hole drilled in the skull." Gross. But not as bad as munging, but that I will leave for a future letter.