Ramblings of a Film Obsessed Retard

Written by Jeff Wright

I don't have anything substantial to say this issue. Do I ever? So I'm writing this for the sake of writing it. Not exactly the best reason to write, but what the fuck.

Anyone in Europe seen The Idiots? If you haven't, I'd suggest you do. It's not available here in North America, but I got a PAL to NTSC copy, and really liked it. Again, Lars von Trier provides us with a terribly interesting film. I'd like to hear your thoughts on the film anyway. E-mail me at abu@pathcom.com. Also, if anyone can hook me up with (or point me towards) a copy of The Humiliated, the documentary on the making of the film, I'd be extremely grateful.

I'm sure everyone's seen Gladiator by now, or at least most everyone who's going to. I liked it, but didn't think it rocked all kinds of ass like a lot of people seem to be saying. There was too much music, the CGI stuff was pretty bad, the romantic chemistry was non-existent, and the dreamy stuff stuck out like a sore thumb. That said, it is a really enjoyable action movie.

I rewatched To Die For yesterday, and I had forgotten how incredibly funny it is. If you're looking for a really good black comedy, pick it up. How is it again, that Nicole Kidman wasn't nominated for an Oscar?

This article is getting pretty pointless isn't it? Anyone see Timecode? It was an interesting experiment, but there was no substance to it at all. I was disappointed to say the least. There was one scene in it that I found incredibly pretentious. Though I'm sure it was an attempt to be clever, and self deprecating, I laughed through it steadily. The rest of the audience for some reason, didn't laugh unless a character was looking confused, or laughed. The fact that even with 4 different images, the majority of audiences still need to be told when something is funny. That was interesting and a little disturbing.

Ah, writing this is getting boring. Just as boring as I'm sure your reading it is getting, or has already gotten.

Peace out. Don't forget that today (yesterday by time you get this) was Mother's Day. If you didn't get your Mom anything, then you suck.