von Trier Again

Pseudo Reviews

Written by Jeff Wright

Lars von fucking Trier!!!! I think I've now recommended 3 films by this mad genius. I'm afraid I have to make it 4. If you haven't seen at least one of my previous von Trier recommendations yet (BREAKING THE WAVES, THE KINGDOM, THE IDIOTS), then fucking blow me! To those of you who enjoy seeing magnificent filmmaking, here's another film for you to check out. It's the only one I'm recommending this issue because it's just that good.


This movie is all about style. I don't think I've seen a movie, quite this stylized before. It's pure eye candy. I'd rather not tell you about the techniques employed in case some of you can't tell what's going on in the film technically. If you don't well you're soooo damn lucky. I was giddy because of it, but it would be fucking stunning to just watch the film, and not knowing for sure, what's being done.

The basic plot of the film, is an American of German decent, goes to Germany in 1945. There his uncle has lined him up a job as the conductor of a sleeping car, on a train. On his first day, he meets a woman, who later invites him to her family's house for dinner. The family is of high class, and eventually he gets mixed up in their politics and terrorism.

It's just an amazing, beautiful, and downright cool film.

You should be able to find it pretty easily, since it was released on video by Touchstone. Why the domestic laserdisc isn't letterboxed, is beyond me. We (When I say `We', I mean, `I' until I've got some other people on my side) can only hope that they'll release it on DVD in the near future.