Welcome Back

Written by capnasty

And so here is the year 1997, and CoN starts again from Issue I but this time from Volume II. While the new year brings new changes to the format of CoN and the future development of the magazine, we have to remember that just because 96 is over, it's just a number. Things don't necessarily get worse, nor better because a year is gone. We must take each day as it comes and work hard as if it was the first and last day of our lives. In the mean time we'll continue publishing CoN to the best of our abilities, and even though it mostly contains stuff taken from other sources, we are slowly trying to figure out an identity and a character that will define CoN and make it different,original and allow it to stand out from the crowd of other little-zines like ours that grow like mushrooms on the Internet.

A question to our readers: what would you like to see in the future issues of CoN? Let us know. After all CoN is your magazine.Oh, and we were not trying to create a dramatic effect by delaying this week's publication. We're just late.